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  1. atl5

    DT-880 (600 ohm) -> HE-400 - much of an upgrade?

    Looking to switch out my headphone and try the HE-400.  Would it be much of an upgrade going from the DT-880 to the HE-400.  Also, I don't want to keep too many phones, so not sure if I would sell the DT-880 or the Denon D2000 after I purchase the HE-400.  I hate Head-Fi, gives me too much...
  2. atl5

    Best portable Amp/Dac with RCA output

    Trying to simplify my setup now.  Want a portable Amp/Dac for traveling with my laptop and then when I am at home, just output it to a desktop amp via RCA for bigger headphones.  Only two I know is the U-Dac2 and Ibasso D7.  D7 has a quality DAC chip, but I heard it is flaky with driver issue...