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  1. Manyom7

    Has anyone compared the DT990 Pros and the K167s?

    I realize that they are both very different but long and mcquade has the beyers for $165 and I was going to pair them with a Schitt Magni. The K167s are around the same price and I've heard they have a vey wide soundstage for closed back cans. I mostly game on PC and listen to mostly rap and rock.
  2. Manyom7

    HD600s from Dakmart?

    It seems that they have b stock headphones for really cheap, but has anyone have experience with them?
  3. Manyom7

    Gaming with HD600s

    I've found a website that sells HD600s for $200 CAD but are refurbished I was wondering how these would compare in terms of using dolby headphone with an e11 against the...
  4. Manyom7

    Will a Xonar DX support DT990 650ohm?

    Will my soundcard with no amp work with these headphones. I will use them for music like electronic and rock, but mainly for games like Counter Strike and BF3. Answers and suggestions are greatly appreciated.
  5. Manyom7

    Headphones and ASUS Xonar DX

    How can you connect stereo headphones to the back of the xonar dx? I know it's not the best for headphones but its all i have. I jut need to know which ports to plug the headphone jack into