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  1. mrcrazyshoes

    Headphone Sightings 2

    I see tons of beats and bose qc and triports but the at the beginning of the year i saw this kid with sennheiser hd428's and needless to say we have become good friends!
  2. mrcrazyshoes

    Reply to review by 'mrcrazyshoes' on item 'Audio-Technica ATH-M50 Studio Monitor Headphones'

    I will edit my review to make more sense.
  3. mrcrazyshoes

    Reply to review by 'mrcrazyshoes' on item 'Audio-Technica ATH-M50 Studio Monitor Headphones'

    Hi, sorry for the confusion, I am very new to more serious headphones so my assessments are really not extremely accurate. As I said in the review the sound stage on the m50's sounded impressive to me compared with other closed headphones i've heard (PRODJ00), not open ones like my HD558's. I...
  4. mrcrazyshoes

    Post your desktop!

    Quote: Its called Straight. Here's the link. I like it alot!
  5. mrcrazyshoes

    Review by 'mrcrazyshoes' on item 'Monoprice 8320 IEM'

    Great sounding iem's. I was amazed that they could sound this good for only $7! The only bad thing about them is that the tips that come with are pretty bad. You can get replacements for them on Amazon for pretty cheap though.
  6. mrcrazyshoes

    Post your desktop!

      Found wallpaper and clock, internet, cpu, ram, and hdd speed things on rainmeter website one day.
  7. mrcrazyshoes

    Review by 'mrcrazyshoes' on item 'Audio-Technica ATH-M50 Studio Monitor Headphones'

    Great set of closed headphones! I haven't really owned any other good closed headphones besides the PRODJ100. These sound comparable to my HD558 in terms of detail. There is a slight emphasis in the bass but the bass is very good so that's not really a problem for me. The bass extension is...
  8. mrcrazyshoes

    cheap 4 channel surround sound amplifier?

    Hi everyone, I saw an article on CNET a while ago that showed an amplifier that was only $20 that had a simple volume, bass and treble controls and an on/off switch. This would be perfect for me but I want surround sound for my computer, right now I have two full size receivers hooked up. I...
  9. mrcrazyshoes

    8 ohms receiver with 50 ohms headphones?

    Ok thanks for all of your help! Im just going to leave it on the 2 speaker setting.
  10. mrcrazyshoes

    Headphone vs. 2 Speaker setting using headphohnes

    Hey everyone, I was wondering if there is any different between the 2 speaker setting and the headphone setting on my sound card (Xonar DG). The 2 speaker setting is louder, but it is very difficult to tell if there is anything different in the actual sound. It almost seems like the low-mids and...
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    sennheiser HD558
  12. mrcrazyshoes

    Xonar DG static problem

    ya I have the HD558's, do you think that the receiver does anything to the sound quality? The Xonar DG already has a headphone amp built-in so does having the receiver help the quality at all?
  13. mrcrazyshoes

    Sennhieser Hd 518 vs. Hd 448

    ok thanks a lot! i think that im probably going to go with the 518's
  14. mrcrazyshoes

    Sennhieser Hd 518 vs. Hd 448

    Hi, Im looking at buy the 518's or the 448's. I mostly listen to them at home on my computer with an amp, but i might want to take them in the car ocasionally. Are the 518's sound quality much better than the 448? The soundstage should be better cause the 518's are open, but are they worth $50...
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