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  1. green6poop

    Best earphones around 40$

    I'm looking for something with great build quality and good sound. Bass is not very important to me i dont listen to much bassy music. i was considering the Vsonic Gr04 and the Brainwavs M4. I would really like to be able to purchase them on amazon. any ideas?
  2. green6poop

    SoundMAGIC E10 vs Brainwavz M1

    Title says it all.
  3. green6poop

    amp for hd 650

    ok first off im kind of new to the whole audiophile thing i have had v-moda's crossfade m80s for like 8 months and im thinking ill get an upgrade which would probally be the sennheiser hd 650 and i hear they take a decent amp to use i have a fiio e11 i dont know if that is a good enough amp for...