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  1. Ffodor

    Polyvalent amplifier

    I would like your suggestions for a polyvalent amplifier, preferably around 500 US dollars or less. The reason I would like it polyvalent is that I would like to experiment over time with different brands of headphones. At the top of my list would be Grado (I have the opportunity to buy a RS-2...
  2. Ffodor

    Advice needed on CDP: Solid state (Rotel 1072) v. tuble (Shanling CT-T80)

    I finally decided to start upgrading my gear incrementally, starting with the CD player and the interconnects, then with an integrated amplifier (in 2-3 months), then a headphone amplifier and some cans like the Senns 580 (6 months) and finally some half-decent speakers (1 year, if everything...