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  1. Onza

    Westone 3 Impressions

      Having spent the last 3 weeks the W3 I thought I’d share my impressions of them. Build & Fit Regarding build nothing feels wrong here, the iems are well put together and have a great feel to them. The cables are thin yet supple and the earpieces seem well formed. I’d be a bit more...
  2. Onza

    Shure SE535 Impressions

      Having owned the SE535 for just over a month (prior to recently selling them) I thought I'd post some quick points on the SE535   Build quality: The build quality of this IEM is pretty phenomenal, these are by far the most robustly built IEMs I've owned. The cable is thick and...
  3. Onza

    Similar sound to Er6i

    Hi guys, I'm looking for an iem with a similar sound to the Etymotic Er6is but with more sparkly treble and slightly more bass. I already own the ER4-s but I don't like the sound of them out of any of my DAPs + amp. Any suggestions?   I have two additional questions.   Are the HF5s a...
  4. Onza

    Increase the isolation of your IE8

    This mod isn't for everyone, if you're happy with the isolation on your IE8s then you probably dont need to read this. Even with a good seal the IE8s don't isolate well due to the sound leakage from the bass tuner dial. If you cover this port you'll find that isolation is very greatly...
  5. Onza

    TF10 vs. Westone 3

    Owner of a TF10 but I'd like to get some understanding of how they compare to the Westone 3s Can anyone who has heard both these IEMs please give a comparison on the sound? I'd like to get information on how they compare across the low, mids and highs, as well as sound stage comparisons? I've...
  6. Onza

    IE7 Clarity improved by removing grille?

    Hi all, I'm a long time casual reader on this forum, but first time poster. I've been into headphones and IEMs for a few years but only recently really got into my IEMs - about a year ago I bought the Etymotic er6i's and then earlier this year I bought the Sennheiser IE7s - after demoing both...