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  1. Fastjack

    Programs with Dolby Headphone support?

    Hi it is possible to use the AC3 decoder of PowerDVD including the Dolby Headphone filter with other media-players. I'm currently using it with Zoomplayer. Setting up customized media playback you should be able to use the Cyberlink filters for Dolby Digital audio tracks. What I can't get to...
  2. Fastjack

    Audigy 2 and digital out

    Look at my answer in that thread: and/or this one: Hope that helps
  3. Fastjack

    Dolby Heaphone DSP plugin

    Quote: Originally Posted by Chungalin If possible, the target player should support gapless CD-Audio playing, because I'm very tired of using PowerDVD or WinDVD to play CDs (with Dolby Headphones) and have to hear that disgusting gap between continuous tracks. I think it's a shame that...
  4. Fastjack

    Fall Season Premiers... What are you hooked on?

    Quote: Originally Posted by wakeride74 Rome looked pretty good, how is it?? Is the CGI over-done?? It's certainly very well made but so far I'm not exactly hooked. The main problem (IMHO) is that there are no characters I'd care about. Let's hope that will change. Most other HBO...
  5. Fastjack

    Any Discworld fans here?

    Discworld? Sure, those books are awesome. I think I have all the novels that are available as paperback. Last one I read was Monstrous Regiment. Quite a different tone in that book. While I certainly enjoyed it I'd still like to return to somewhat less serious subjects. Regarding favorite...
  6. Fastjack

    Hyperactive Pink Activity........

    Quote: Originally Posted by PinkFloyd I've been off the alcohol for 5 days now and have gradually noticed I'm becoming more and more hyper active as the days go by! Hey, that's great (the part about being sober, not the hyper-activity ) I wish you all the best. Quote...
  7. Fastjack

    Question for Head-Fiers who are not native English speakers

    Quote: Originally Posted by viator122 I have noticed that most of our non-native English speakers here on Head-Fi speak (well, type) English very well and don't seem to have a problem communicating. I imagine this is because, as I understand it, in many parts of Europe and Asia, English...
  8. Fastjack

    Need advice on how to "clean up" pictures?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Snake You now have a valid work path, saved, from a selection area. Wow, thanks a lot, man. I've just been playing around with that for a few minutes and this combination of selections and paths is indeed pretty awesome. It's really amazing how...
  9. Fastjack

    Need advice on how to "clean up" pictures?

    I've never really used paths in PS but I'd imagine that it's a ton of work to create a mask using paths. In a realatively simple picture such as the example it may be feasable but in most cases I'd guess it would take forever to get it right. Am I overlooking something here?
  10. Fastjack

    headfi pic display errors

    I also have the problem with them pictures And for quite some time now. I'm using Firefox with a whole bunch of extensions and I have no idea what causes this mess. A complete reload (Ctr.+F5) seems to re-randomize the icons and can therefore help a little.
  11. Fastjack

    Firefox: The Best Browser out there ?

    Quote: Originally Posted by phoenix808 From what I've found, it's the best browser flavor out there. Add on a bunch of the plugins and I'm in heaven. Yes, IMHO Firefox without any extensions is not really worth it. But the abundance of useful extensions is in my experience also a...
  12. Fastjack

    What movie did you just see?

    "Alexandra's Project" Just watched this one and I doubt that many here have ever heard about it so I thought I'd just give a short comment on it. Or rather a strong recommendation as it was the best movie I've seen in a while. It's very surprising, evil...
  13. Fastjack

    DOLBY HEADPHONE to get a huge push

    Quote: Originally Posted by rickcr42 Well it did not and even DSP or hardware implementations of the technology were few and far between and some very poor shades of what I heard. So you're saying that the DH filters in e.g. WinDVD are not as good as what you heard in the demo...
  14. Fastjack

    Your top twenty sitcoms of all time...

    Hello, anybody home????? Didn't we forget anything? How about: M*A*S*H ???? Edit: Doh!!! Dixie Flatline beat me to it. I always take too long writing posts. Now that was a great show. Only ever got to watch the localized german version but even that was great. For the Germans here: "Ein...
  15. Fastjack

    I wanna by a 19" LCD, Need recommendation!! Thanks

    Quote: Originally Posted by Helter Skelter You missed the part where my eyes are no longer bleeding (figuratively) from staring at a CRT all day (yes, I was using a good CRT and a high refresh rate, so don't even start that argument). Personally, I will never go back to using a CRT ever...
  16. Fastjack

    What's up with CPUs?

    Quote: Originally Posted by chillysalsa Yes, the Centrino is a wonderful processor... it's basically a Pentium4 optimized to have on-the-fly clockspeed throttling, and about 1/4 the power consumption of the standard P4: Sorry but you got something wrong there. As already stated...
  17. Fastjack

    Binaural Microphone

    Are you sure that Skype actually transmitts a stereo signal? Seems overkill to me if it did. And if it was only mono your idea wouldn't work as intended. As I understood it you want everyone to use a binaural mice placed someplace in front of him. Each persons position relative to the mice...
  18. Fastjack

    Any Coaxial S/PDIF cables that fit into Audigy 2 ZS sound card?

    Quote: Originally Posted by LINKUZZZ Here is the PDF of the unit I'm trying to hook up to my sound card: PDF manual of unit Link broken.
  19. Fastjack

    Any Coaxial S/PDIF cables that fit into Audigy 2 ZS sound card?

    Quote: Originally Posted by LINKUZZZ Can anyone tell me what coaxial S/PDIF cables will fit into a Audigy 2 ZS sound card? Note: I will be buying the E-MU 1820 in a few months, but need those cables right now. The onboard digital output jack of the Audigy 2 ZS carries 3 SPDIF...
  20. Fastjack

    Dolby Headphone

    I don't think the filter in ffdShow is what you're looking for espeacially since it does not work as well as DH does (at least for me). What you need is a virtualizer that increases the soundstage of stereo-files. Foobar should already come with a simple surround plugin.
  21. Fastjack

    Oh, how I hate Creative.......

    Quote: Originally Posted by Edwood Yeah, it sucks. I want 5.1 Digital outputted through SPDIF. I don't want analog 5.1 gaming which is the only surround sound supported by PC games now. Uhmm...well, technically the Audigy 2 supports just that. It has 3 pairs (making 6 channels)...
  22. Fastjack

    pc remote

    I use a setup very similar to the one proposed by damitamit. A cheap and simple USB-dongle infrared receiver, one of those dirt-cheap preprogrammed remotes that can control tons of devices and Girder. That way I can control my TV and the PC with the same remote. And I gotta say that the...
  23. Fastjack

    New Movie: Shaun of the Dead

    IMHO "Shaun of the Dead" was nice and had it's moments but it wasn't all that great. Off the top of my head I couldn't think of any really funny situations. Actually I found "Dawn of the Dead" to be a better movie overall and even have a moment that was way funnier than anything in Shaun. OTOH I...
  24. Fastjack

    the most real racing game ever!!!!!

    Hm, that video really looked great. Gotta try the game when it comes out. Up until now I've been more interested in rally-sims. Just tried Richard Burns Rally and it seems quite good but with a very steep learning-curve. Anybody here got an idea whether force-feedback hardware would help to get...
  25. Fastjack

    new kind of tips for E1, E3, E5

    Hi, looking for a place to get eartips from I stumbled over In the accessories section ( for Shure earphones they list some eartips that seem to be not original Shure accessories (bottom of the page). Among those are so called...