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  1. Onza

    Advanced Sound Model 3 Impressions Thread

      I just run these out of my iPhone 7 Plus, nothing high end source wise. I've used both the bluetooth and wired cables. Found bluetooth to sound better than I thought though not quite as loud as the wired option which isn't surprising. I've changed the tips from what I was using (Westone Grey...
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  4. Onza

    HTC One X

    I considered the One X but the Wolfson dac of the S3 plus all that storage is the dream combination for anyone wanting good sound from their mobile phone. It's about time too, my galaxy S2 had very average sound quality.
  5. Onza

    Sennheiser IE800 IEM's

    interesting, though they dont look like they'll sit deep in the ear canal :(
  6. Onza

    Westone 3 Impressions

    Quote:   Thanks, these are indeed great phones and are still my favourite BA universal. I think a lot of people look past them as there are newer IEMs which invariably take the lime light such as the W4 (which admittedly I'm yet to try). Glad you're enjoying them!    
  7. Onza

    Shure SE215 Review

    Quote: I'm finding this too, aside from the bass there isn't anything thats particularly stand out about these phones, but I do enjoy them.   On another note I see you got rid of your W4s? Did they not cut it for you in the end?  
  8. Onza

    Pictures of Your Portable Rig [Part XIV]

    Nice looking phones TopsinTEC. How are you finding the Phiatons?
  9. Onza

    Westone 4 Impressions and Reviews Thread

    Great set of impressions so far. Has anyone tried the W4 with UM56 tips? Larry??   Would be v interested to note how the W4 with these tips compare to customs: are they in the same ball park? I wouldn't want to go down the route of customs if its possible to get a comparable sound with high...
  10. Onza

    Westone 4 Impressions and Reviews Thread

      Quote: Quote:   Good to know, thanks both.
  11. Onza

    Westone 4 Impressions and Reviews Thread

    Quote: Interesting impressions shigzeo, especially on the vocals. are you able to post more impressions on these?
  12. Onza

    Westone 4 Impressions and Reviews Thread

    Correct, the Westone 3 and SE535 sound nothing alike. IMO the closest universal to the W3 is the TF10 - though the W3 has much bettter mids, fuller bass, and a less screechy high end...   @ericp10 if you haven't heard a Westone product, give one a demo, I'm sure you'd be suitably impressed...
  13. Onza

    Sennheiser IE8 or Ulimate Ears 10?

    The IE8 really is lush and warm sounding, whilst the Triple is in my opinion more pristine and clear sound (due to slightly recessed mids). In terms of sound it really depends on your own music and sound preferences: go with the IE8s if you are a fan of mids and bass, go with the Triples if you...
  14. Onza

    Westone 4 Impressions and Reviews Thread

    Much as I like what I'm heard of these W4s, I have to say I'm disappointed at the price tag these are being sold at. >$400 seems too high for a universal. Reminds me of when the Shure SE535 came out.   HeadphoneAddict are you able to provide any impressions vs the ES3x? Thanks
  15. Onza

    Quality EQ apps for ipod/iphone/ipad

    Nice find, 10 months ago when I had my IE8 I would've been all over this. I'll check out the free EQ app though, just for kicks
  16. Onza

    Nano 6G

    Hey Young Spade, when you wear it as a watch what do you use as the strap?
  17. Onza

    Westone 3 vs Shure 535

    Joey and Spyro my experience with the 535 and the W3s mirror yours. It is clearly a sound signature thing but IMO the SE535, whilst being a very good IMO, cannot match the W3 for fun, musicality or detail retrieval. I can see how some could find the W3's high a tad fatiguing as there is energy...
  18. Onza

    Pictures of Your Portable Rig [Part XIV]

    Yep, its impressively small and still very useable Quote:
  19. Onza

    Shure SE535: Reviews and First Impressions Thread

    I haven't heard the UM3X but I'd recommend it if you can afford, or by any other means available, sample the SE535s before you sell off your UM3Xs   Quote:
  20. Onza

    Pictures of Your Portable Rig [Part XIV]

    Yeah - this used to be my favourite player, and its still super sleek even in today's terms. I have a stash of minidiscs somewhere so hopefully stumble upon them at some point! Cheers Quote:
  21. Onza

    Best sounding smallest player?

    Quote: You press and hold the Home button to enable/disable the HOLD feature. Easy as pie.
  22. Onza

    Pictures of Your Portable Rig [Part XIV]

    A return to the old school - I found my 10 year old mini disc player in my garage today...       I just need to find a minidisc and I can let you know how it sounds!
  23. Onza

    Top IE triple drivers at the moment...

    Quote: I'll have to second this recommendation. Of all the triple driver IEMs I've heard the W3s are the best (well extended in both directions with smooth neutral mids) I've heard. They are also very comfortable and I've had no fit issues with them, even with my picky ears. They are also...
  24. Onza

    Is The Etymotic MC5, HF5 or Klipsch Image S4 for me?

    I havent heard the CK7 but I can talk about the MC5. It has a balanced sound, neither the treble, midrange or bass stand out but overall I found it somewhat pleasant. The sound is also somewhat revealing for a relatively cheap IEM so that may tick your analytical requirements...