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  1. lowko

    Can't make my final decision! First headphones ~150 dollar.

    Just wanted to thank everyone for helping me out.   I got the HD 598 two days ago and I love them.   <3 to you all! :D
  2. lowko

    ++ FULL-SIZE HEADPHONE RECOMMENDATIONS THREAD++ CLOSED: Please post a thread in the Introductions, Help and Advice forum

    Dear Head Fi community,   Just found this thread! awesome!   What I'm looking for: - Quality sound (obviously, I listen mostly to jazz/trance/classic rock/relaxing music); - Comfortable (I will wear them 5+ hours daily) - Max budget of 150 dollars.   Right now I'm aiming mostly...
  3. lowko

    Looking for some 'starter' audiophile headphones

    I don't really wana do any modding to the headphones. I want them to be solid at the point of buying. There's no use in buying half a product in my opinion. Looks like the HD598 will be it. :)
  4. lowko

    Looking for some 'starter' audiophile headphones

    Quote: Biggest problem is that I'm in the Netherlands. Cheapest webshop is selling it for 172 euros which is 221 dollars. I know I can do international shipping, but it's kind of a hassle since I don't own a credit card. :( Would have defintely picked it up instantly for 109 dollars.  ...
  5. lowko

    Looking for some 'starter' audiophile headphones

    I will defintely consider the M50s, saw those being mentioned many many times on this forum. However, they are a little bit expensive for me right now. Is there anything that's a little bit cheaper or are the M50s REALLY what I should go for?
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