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  1. badpenny

    What should I do.

    I currently have a mac pro hooked up to a TC-7510 via optical. Now this is all fine and dandy... But, I also have a PC that I just put together and I plan on using that as my media player. I am wondering what sound card I should get... Should I get a cheap one with optical out? or should I spend...
  2. badpenny

    Speakers for 0404 USB on an iMac

    I have a vintage Sansui AU-517, and I use a pair of Paradigm mini-monitors. I use the optical out on my mac to a TC-7510 DAC. payed about 150 for the speakers, 150 for the integrated amp, and around the same for the dac... sounds amazing to me. Anyways, im not sure how the 0404 is, if it can...
  3. badpenny

    Russian Circles

    I saw them in Chicago open for 'Pelican' & 'The Red Sparrows'... They rock... So much sound for 3 people.
  4. badpenny

    Mamiya RB67

    Also, I just picked up a Hasselblad 500c/m. Forgot how wonderful it is to use the waist level viewfinder!
  5. badpenny

    Mamiya RB67

    Quote: It's not as environmentally friendly as we'd like to think. We may have eliminated the nasty chemicals used in film processing, but we've replaced them with billions of discarded printer ink cartridges, millions of discarded printers, spent digital ni-cad and lithium camera...
  6. badpenny

    Mamiya RB67

    Yeah, I was about -140 years old around the time the daguerreotypes were in action. But that is one point that makes me respect digital photography. It is clean and doesn't harm the environment.
  7. badpenny

    Mamiya RB67

    Anyone else remember the good old times of developing Daguerreotypes over boiling vats of mercury?
  8. badpenny

    Mamiya RB67

    I love shooting 120 film. The square format is so logical. The thing I still can't get over, is how much dynamic range film has (I usually use Illford B&W 120). Digital still has some room to grow in that respect.
  9. badpenny

    Help with this stereo setup, please.

    Any good places to search for used speakers? For the past while I have been looking around at these sites. audiogon canuckaudiomart here of course ebay Know any others?
  10. badpenny

    MAC + 8800 GTS = ?

    I will be hooking up an external power supply to power a 8800 GTS in my Mac Pro. I plan to get osx to run on the Geforce 7300 untill some sort of driver situation exists for the 8800 GTS to work in OSX. Has anyone tried this before? If so what was your experience like? I will have some...
  11. badpenny

    Respectable Stereo Tuner Amp?

    Well, I have checked out the Outlaw stereo receiver, and its pretty nice... I want something simple, and I would like to stay away from multiple components. So this seems like a good option. Sound quality doesn't matter tooooo much for me in this situation (Critical listening done by...
  12. badpenny

    Respectable Stereo Tuner Amp?

    Oh, and I have checked out the 'Outlaw' before... it is an option for sure... I would prefer black though... As of right now I have been interested in 'Onkyo' new or used...
  13. badpenny

    Respectable Stereo Tuner Amp?

    I came across this NAD 1020A. Looks kinda shotty... but ya never know... Plus Its located in Ontario where I live.
  14. badpenny

    Respectable Stereo Tuner Amp?

    The NAD 1020B looks interesting, any idea how hard they are to find? And as for a reciever, I still don't really know where to start. Do most new recievers not have Phono Premaps?
  15. badpenny

    HD555 or Sony7506?

    I had a pair of HD555s and they are some great cans for using without a dedicated headphone amp. Also, very comfortable!
  16. badpenny

    HD555 or Sony7506?

    DBL Post
  17. badpenny

    IC: Northern Michigan/Ontario mini meet.

    I didn't think they had the internetz way up there!
  18. badpenny

    iBasso T2 - 10 minute review.

    Got mine today.... sittin at work, can't wait to get home and give it a go.
  19. badpenny

    An issue regarding newbie "reception"

    Everyone goes though this initial grace period of newbness, especially those who are new to message boards. And once the newbs evolve into LEET headphone guru's they too can toss out the "use the search" posts that were once directed towards them. It’s a vicious cycle.
  20. badpenny

    Shipping Disasters

    wow... Talk about a surprise getting off the plane expecting to see a dingo and seeing a moose.
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  22. badpenny

    Predict the Future.

    I predict that this post will be my 100th post
  23. badpenny

    Predict the Future.

    goldenratiophi, Are you one of the guys from the Philadelphia Experiment?
  24. badpenny

    Predict the Future.

    I also think anything is possible. If we can think it up it can happen. Doesn't matter what it is. Except 'Peace' that might be harder to obtain than time travel.