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  1. noobnorwegian

    Is there an IEM that combines the smoothness and separation of Westone W60 with more bass (more V-shape)

    Hello fellow headfiers!   When my Westone W60 broke (fell on the floor), I had to start looking for a new IEM. To date, the W60 are the best IEMs I have tried, with great instrument separation, huge soundstage and nice non-fatiguing smooth sound. However, they are actually not My favorite in...
  2. noobnorwegian

    Kef Egg vs B&W mm-1 vs Kef x300a as desktop speakers?

    Hi, I currently use Kef x300a as desktop speakers, and I previously had the B&W mm-1. I see that the new Kef Eggs got a good review in What Hifi, but there are no stores in Oslo that have these for audition. Have anyone here tried these speakers, especially for a desktop system? Any comparison...