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  1. googleborg

    i can't take the noise from my computer anymore!

    i really can' has SSDs etc, but it's a gaming PC, and i can't drop the noise completely, i've heard people use those little asus eee thingies, i was thinking i could get one of those (or perhaps a really small pc, as i like to watch 1080 movies), plumb it into an external usb drive, pump...
  2. googleborg

    Why are amplifiers so different inside?

    i've been eyeballing the insides of hifi stuff since i was a child, anyhow...amplifiers seem so different inside, though they all seem to have a similar 'topology' (layout?).  Do these designs represent different ideologies/end sounds or are they just being different for the sake of it with end...
  3. googleborg

    DIY mains power filtering

    hello forum, my last project thing of hooking up headphones to any pwer/integrated amp using a 'flexible box' with swappable resistors is coming along nicely, and i was looking at mains power filters on ebay and they seem rather expensive, and so ripe for DIY! anyone have previous experience...
  4. googleborg

    I need help with a very simple problem please!

    i am making a box to connect my amps speaker output to my headphones however, there are some issues i can't figure out... here's a horrible schematic of what i think the circuit looks like (sorry for the size) i'm pretty sure a resistor goes at A and B, perhaps a 220ohm? but i'm not...
  5. googleborg

    How can I create masses of jitter?

    i need to hear it, am wondering if there's a way to make it absolutely crazy? then i could make two recordings (of the same audio) of my dacs audio output, one with absolutely tons of jitter in the digital bits and one with just whatever i have right now - no jitter added - and perhaps compare...