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  1. noobnorwegian

    Denon AH-D5200 (little brother of the AH-D7200)

    Anyone tried the D5200, D7200 vs the D5000, D7000? Are they more similar than D5000/D7000 vs Emu Teak and TH-X00?
  2. noobnorwegian

    Screw in Denon AH-D5000 hinge/joint broke - any spare parts available?

    Hi, a few days ago a screw broke inside the hinge/joint on the left side. It seems like the rest of the screw is stuck inside the joint. Is it possible to find some replacement parts to exchange the broken parts? Is it any other possibility to fix problem? Which of the three Fostex...
  3. noobnorwegian

    W4r replacement recommendations

    If you like the Westone sound, I believe that 64 audio (u-series) is somewhat similar. I had Westone W4r (sold), W60 (broke, not good build quality) and now I have 64 U8. The U8 has a more bass heavy sound, so maybe U6 (have not heard them) would be more similar. Due to their Apex/Adel thing...
  4. noobnorwegian

    Headphones for Rock - Metal

    I use Denon AH-D5000 for metal. I consider them fun (and excellent) sounding. If you don`t find them used, Fostex Purpleheart are supposed to sound similar. They are somewhat above your suggested price.
  5. noobnorwegian

    Campfire Audio Polaris - New CA IEM

    Has anyone compared the Polaris to Dorado? I am concidering buying my first CA, at the moment I am leaning towards the Dorado, but I have also Polaris and Lyra II on my list.
  6. noobnorwegian

    Is there an IEM that combines the smoothness and separation of Westone W60 with more bass (more V-shape)

    I have not heard of any place in Norway that sells Earsonics. I remember reading a lot about SM 64 back in the days. The S-EM9 is really pricey. VAT in Norway is also 25%, so you have to add that if they are bough from a webshop. From reviews the Dorado seem very promising. Do you know if...
  7. noobnorwegian

    Is there an IEM that combines the smoothness and separation of Westone W60 with more bass (more V-shape)

    Now I have bought the U8 Apex from 64 Audio. I have used them for two weeks or so. They are pleasant sounding IEMs, and their shape and built quality is really good. Better built quality than Westone, and better fit for me also. They are extremely sensitive, I can play at 5-10% on my ipod when...
  8. noobnorwegian

    Is there an IEM that combines the smoothness and separation of Westone W60 with more bass (more V-shape)

    Thank you for the reply. It seems that the price is, 250, in addition to 450, so the full Massdrop price is 700 $.   With shipping, VAT and handling fee of the Norwegian postal service the price I have to pay in total will be 707 * 1,25 + 20 = 904$. It will hurt my wallet, but maybe worth it...
  9. noobnorwegian

    RHA - T20 - Impressions, Reviews, and questions

      I am using Comply foam tips. I generally prefer foam, as they are more comfortable and isolate better. My favorite foams are the Shure foam, but they only fit narrow bore designs. I read that some people compared T20 with 4r in the mid-range, but it seems like the T20 has a lot more response...
  10. noobnorwegian

    Started with Denon D2000.....what should I get next?????

    What do you want to improve? More bass, less bass, tighter bass, less treble, soundstage, more V- og U-shaped sound, or more balanced sound? There can be many suggestions for 'upgrades', but if it does not take the sound in the direction you want, then it might not be an upgrade for you.
  11. noobnorwegian

    Earsonics Velvet was not the best match for me? What should I do?

    Hi fellow head-fiers, today I received a pair of Velvets bought second hand (so don`t suggest more burn-in). But they were not as good match for me as I anticipated.   My prevous 'expensive' IEMs were the Westone W60, which I enjoyed until it dropped on the ground and broke (less volume and...
  12. noobnorwegian

    Fostex x Massdrop TH-X00 Review

    Then there are only metal, plastic and carbon composite editions left?
  13. noobnorwegian

    Fostex x Massdrop TH-X00 Review

    Which of the three models have the most V or U shaped sound?  
  14. noobnorwegian

    Fostex x Massdrop TH-X00 Review

    Anyone know if the Purple is more similar to TH-900 or the D5000/D7000? I love the U-shaped sound of my D5000. It seems (from reviews) like the original Massdrop SQ is too flat for my taste.   I like when the vocals are in the back (but not dark). As my ears/brain listens to vocals...
  15. noobnorwegian

    Kef Egg vs B&W mm-1 vs Kef x300a as desktop speakers?

    Hi, I currently use Kef x300a as desktop speakers, and I previously had the B&W mm-1. I see that the new Kef Eggs got a good review in What Hifi, but there are no stores in Oslo that have these for audition. Have anyone here tried these speakers, especially for a desktop system? Any comparison...
  16. noobnorwegian

    Multi-IEM Review - 352 IEMs compared (Pump Audio Earphones added 04/03/16 p. 1106)

    Hi ljokerl, could you try to describe the difference between the ZipbudsPro and Soundmagic E10? Have not seen any comparisons between these two IEMs.
  17. noobnorwegian

    Second IEM /upgrade from Westone W60

    Hi, I`m quite happy with my Westone W60, they are the best IEMs I owned... so far! They were also a good upgrade from my previous Westone 4R, but as always I`m starting to think about what could have been better.   Preferred EQ The W60 (compared to my favorite headphone Denon AH D5000) I...
  18. noobnorwegian

    Comparisons: 36 of the Top Closed/Portable Headphones Around

      I can give Focal a tip, free of charge! Dimensions minimum: 60 mm x 38 mm (h x w) and preferred: 62 mm x 40 mm. If they want to stick with more circular shapes the 55x45 of One S should be increased to 60/62 x 45 mm.
  19. noobnorwegian

    Suggestions to Closed sealing headphone with sound similar to Denon AH-D5000?

      I tried PSB M4U2, B&W P7, NAD HP50 and MM400 today. They were auditioning some speakers with techno music just next to the place with the headphones, so it was difficult to listen properly to them. The mm400 earpads are slightly small. But the major problem is that the pads are so shallow. My...
  20. noobnorwegian

    Comparisons: 36 of the Top Closed/Portable Headphones Around

      Yes, I audtioned them an hour ago. My right ear was red after i tried the MM400. The pads are too shallow and slightly too small. But the headphones themselves have a nice built and light weight. The clamping force is also on the middle, making a good seal easy to get. For me the mm400 sealed...
  21. noobnorwegian

    Lost my Westone W4.. Replace with Westone W40, Phonak PFE 232, Noble 4 or something else?

      I have not heard the Phonak or Noble, but I went from Westone 4R to Westone W60. For me the main difference was a slight increase in bass quality and quantity. The bass is not increased that much, but enough to make rhythm guitars and drums more present. For me, they could have increased it...
  22. noobnorwegian

    Headphones for metal music - ultimate solution

      Hey, Pokemon trainer. Have you seen that the Oppo PM-3 pushed the Focal Spirit Professional down from the wall of fame at InnerFidelity (Review from 15 may)?  "The overall sound quality of the PM-3 is very good indeed. In fact, it may be the most neutral sounding headphone I've experienced."...
  23. noobnorwegian

    Kef x300a wireless or Audioengine 5+

    I have the Kef X300a. It is quite good speakers, better than the Dali Kubik (free + xtra) and XTZ S-800 I had before them. I have also tried several bookshelf speakers (Dali, Tannoy, Focal). I liked the KEF X300a the most. One drawback with them is that you can not add a subwoofer, as these do...
  24. noobnorwegian

    Focal Spirit One S

      What height is your ear from top to bottom? I am considering the One S, but they don`t have them in any stores where I live. Did you write that review? 
  25. noobnorwegian

    Headphones for metal music - ultimate solution

    Anyone heard the Audio-Technica ATH A900X (closed) with metal? Seems to have a good soundstage/imaging for a closed can.    Edit: Any comparisons with the M50X would also help.