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    Mid to high end headphones for mobile phone (HTC Desire) - a waste of money?

    Thanks shadesbass! I was looking for that info. I'll just use the iBasso amp then.
  2. Fi-Wi

    Superlux HD668B are they really that good or just a cheap copycat???

    I have my Superlux 668B for about 3 weeks now and they start to sound really well.   I replaced the pleather pads for velours AKG ones which are much more comfortable but what I really dislike about these headphones is the way the 2 pads (Superlux' own designed system I guess) press on top...
  3. Fi-Wi

    Superlux 668b Earpads

    Thanks, it worked! The sleeves are obviously made to be stretched so there is no need to worry ripping them.
  4. Fi-Wi

    Superlux 668b Earpads

      Quote: Can someone tell me how I can fit the sleeve of the AKG to the Superlux 668 ear cup? Looking at the picture posted above it looks like it can be done but how? My finger is way too big so I guess I need some kind of lever for this. Who has a clue?  
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