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  1. ditto_n

    Anyone like Opeth or Iced Earth?

    I didnt like Opeth's harsh vocals when I heard blackwater park the first time, but I liked some of damnination. Maybe I'll give them another try later. Iced Earth f'in Kicks though. Saw them live (with ripper, not matt though ). Something Wicked Triliogy and Dante's Inferno are definatly...
  2. ditto_n


    Pretty overrated, possibly a bit too big of a fanbase, but they have a lot of good music. Then agian you could say the same about tool and I love them
  3. ditto_n

    What kind of pants do you wear?

    Dark blue jeans, of any brand, loose fit. And if you realy need to know my unders too... Boxer-Breifs are the only way to go, and only black or grey! lol.
  4. ditto_n

    Why didn't they tell Us? Brasso To Fix CDs

    Quote: Originally Posted by PinkFloyd The extra detail you hear after the mould release agent is removed is pretty substantial. Remember kids, this is also the guy who said rainbow foil works!
  5. ditto_n

    Im thinking of making the switch over to a Mac.

    ....Why? If you can no longer stand windows, you'll get no where fast by going mac. If you need an uprade, do yourself a favor and go linux. The best part is you wont need to buy all new hardware just to run it. Your going to need a long time to get everything right, but if your going to go...
  6. ditto_n

    which audio-gear did you buy, thanx to head-fi

    Just bought MS1 and Chaintech Av710, all due to head-fi. This place should burn.. its hell for wallets. lol.
  7. ditto_n

    Save Your Wallet- Block Head-Fi

    After spending $125 for MS1's and the Chaintech card, very lightweigh, I'm contomplating using the HOSTS file to ban myself from all but the Music and General Lounge forums. Is this possibly the cure for upgradetitus? Can the "Sorry about your wallet" curse finally be lifted?
  8. ditto_n

    Favorite and most hated instruments?

    Quote: Originally Posted by gdpeck most hated: Everything on St. Anger (Metallica) Fixed.
  9. ditto_n

    Favorite and most hated instruments?

    Most hated: Scratch vocals used in a lot of metal and hardcore. To me its like throwing your guitar across the room to make a sound, thats just not how its played and definatly not good sounding.
  10. ditto_n

    FTYDTS? (Post a Pic)

    Heh, even if it is "funnest" mine is too obscene
  11. ditto_n

    What Live concerts have you attended?

    Just recently started going to live shows. Went for the people not for bands here: -A bunch of 80's bands like dokken in '03 -Finch, Hoobastank, and AFI also in '03 Went for the bands: -Metallica and Godsmack last March -Iced Earth In May -A Perfect Circle in June Desprately waiting...
  12. ditto_n

    WAY Overrated CD's

    I'll glady take any Tool or Radiohead albums off anyone's hands if they dont want them. As for overrated albums.. lets see White Stripes' Elephant I say, good cd but not up to the hype IMO.
  13. ditto_n

    Budget headphones to suit my needs?

    will the Alessandro's sound okay out of the chaintech without an amp? If so I'll defiantly save up for them,a nd maybe some portapro/2s to throw around also.
  14. ditto_n

    Budget headphones to suit my needs?

    Hey everyone, I'm planning on getting myself a small <$100 leap into hi-fi. Chaintech AV710 as my cheap card, and probably a sub $50 cmoy as amp. My question is, I would need a pair of cans to finish off this plan. My musical tastes are fiarly simple. Prog- Floyd, Tool, APC, Radiohead...
  15. ditto_n

    Funny video, watch this guy entertain himself, ROFLMAO!!

    It was sorta funny but more like "omg my college buddy is drunk and dancing to music" sorta funny.. I think it was one of those "you had to be there" things, if we were there it woulda been hillarious.
  16. ditto_n

    No more Black Gate caps?

    Quote: Originally Posted by setmenu ...Who buys them and for what applications? Surly it not just the finicky audio fraternity? They even seem rare in production high end audio kit. Perhaps its the likes of NASA or the military ?... I've always wondered this also, surely...
  17. ditto_n

    Head-Fier's Essential Software List

    WinXP Pro - Unattended and Chopped up. Mozila Firefox Mozila Thunderbird Outpost Firewall fStopW Antivirus (ubersmall, but still effective) Trillian Pro Emule w/ Sivka Mod Mirc Foobar2000 WinRar NewsBin Pro Azureus BT Photoshop 7 Ad-Aware Nero Alcohol 120% Media Player Classic...
  18. ditto_n

    Want free Microsoft stuff?

    Im up to 1575 with one refural, and 2 in the process, gonna try and get keyboard/mouse and flight sim, and then the next day i have time ill make a new one and get Xp Pro and the swiss army knife
  19. ditto_n

    Want free Microsoft stuff?

    Feel free to PM me if you want a refural too
  20. ditto_n

    ASIO 2.0 cheap sound card

    Well if you can find one that supports Kernal Streaming you can just use ASIO4ALL to add ASIO support.
  21. ditto_n

    It’s almost mid-2Ks and rock n' roll is still dead :(

    erik is right, next cd is due the end of the year, The rest of the guys are workin on the music (like they did with lat) and maynard will fill in some lyrics after touring with APC. Oh, and I'm gonna go see APC tommarow
  22. ditto_n

    Too much time on their hands?

    Gah, i cant be sure but it sounds like Sonata Arctica? Dont trust me on that.
  23. ditto_n

    50 coolest song parts

    Maybe not good enough for the list, but i love that dual guitar solo in the middle of Iron Maiden - Flash of the Blade from the powerslave album. Am I alone on this?
  24. ditto_n

    Turning MX500 into canal type

    the problem as I see it is you will have a lot of "air space" if you try to transform buds into canalphones. Canalphones have a "sound tube" that everything from the driver goes straight through without any "air space". So, as I see it you cant make buds into canalphones without loss of sound...
  25. ditto_n

    It’s almost mid-2Ks and rock n' roll is still dead :(

    Personally I'm glad most mainstream rock is dead. It makes for less recordlabel-puppet rock bands for us to protest. I like having to go a bit underground and finding music, its fun loving bands that your friends have never heard of. Plus with the internet, its very easy to find more...