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  1. Routa

    Opinions/advice wanted: 2nd pair of good phones?

    I'm a happy owner of Alessandro MS-1. Lately I've been using them mostly at work, so another pair of good phones for home use would be nice. That way I could leave the MS-1's to work and wouldn't have to bother carrying them around with me. I use MS-1s most of the time with my iHP-120 & Porta...
  2. Routa

    How I decided to get MS-1's (long story)

    I recently got a pair of Alessandro MS-1's. My quest was to grab my first pair of quality headphones at a reasonable price. Bear with me, as I'm trying to provide a bit of backround: I mostly listen to rock/metal -music, but I also like funk, electronica and acoustic music along with some...