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  1. Doc-holliday

    NEW MOBILE SITE. Bugs and Suggestions please post here

    I am starting this thread because I primarily use Head-Fi from a mobile device (ipad). I thought it would be a nice idea to keep one thread with bugs/fixes/suggestions relating to the mobile site so that Jude and the Team can easily get it (at least for a couple of weeks) First I would like to...
  2. Doc-holliday

    Western (think Cowboys) Movie Memorable Quotes/Appreciation Thread. (aka Tombstone Memorable Quotes)

    I figured I would start a thread to see if it is really that popular of a subject/movie. Being "Doc" and all I figured if anyone would do it it would be me. Got a couple Tombstone PM's that gave me the idea to make it into a thread. Please post your favorite line or scene of the movie if you...
  3. Doc-holliday

    No current Phiaton MS400 thread?! Really?

    I just got in the Phiaton MS400 portable. I like them so much so far I was looking around for the "MS400 appreciation thread".... I guess I'm the only person to "appreciate" them since mid 2011 when the last review thread fizzled out. I got them in a trade and thought I would just be selling...
  4. Doc-holliday

    HELP. WESTONE 3 or UE TRIPLEFI 10? Need to make a choice.

    Hey guys I have a predicament and I think from what I have read I am sticking with the TripleFi 10's but I wanted to ask before I give up my oppurtunity. I picked up some Westone 4's yesterday which I love and got a couple Westone 3's on sale that I am listing on eBay if family don't want...
  5. Doc-holliday

    Please someone review the Beyerdynamic Dtx 710!! Post your opinions here.

    I cant find much about these cans on the net. Although i read one short review saying they r the best thing ever sold under 75 bucks and another saying they distorted easily. If anyone has tried these pls put your opinions about them here. Thanx.
  6. Doc-holliday

    Best Active bookshelf speakers for my home computer? Anyone try tannoy 501a?

    This might be the wrong place to be asking this but i was looking at active speakers and i was looking at trying the tannoy 501a studio monitors for my desk . I already have an active sub. :loud_sound::loud_sound: Anyone have them? Or suggest something in that 350 to 400 price range?
  7. Doc-holliday


    Does anyone else besides me have problems dealing with Sennheiser? I called them the other day to ask a question on the possiblity of ordering a straight cable for my HD 380 Pros. THe guy was treating me like I was stupid just because he has never heard of anyone wanting to do that. 1) What...
  8. Doc-holliday


    Ok you are going to think I am kidding, but yes I actually DID do the following test. People argue that 300 bucks is a lot to pay for some noise canceling headphones and the audio quality isn't always the greatest. Well today I actually did the follwing test. Today I got my new pair of CX200...
  9. Doc-holliday

    Sennheiser MM 550 bluetooth NC headphones review Vs. Bose QC15

    Hey yall. This is my first post. I used opinions of people on this site to make my recent decision to purchase the Senn MM 550 NC headphones so I felt obligated to post my own review now that I have them out of the box. I travel fairly frequently and I needed a decent NC headphone. Eventhough...