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  1. i_love_hina

    New computer driving me crazy

    Yea it has HDMI ports.  Now that you mention it, that makes a lot of sense; the drivers were probably for the HDMI.  Why it was interfering with everything else I have no idea.
  2. i_love_hina

    New computer driving me crazy

    Hello Head-Fi,   So recently I built a new computer.  I've begun noticing a subtle but very annoying skip every now and then when listening to music.  It's not even really a skip, but it's like a small skip with a crackle.  At first I thought it was a bad recording, but I've been noticing it...
  3. i_love_hina

    Beats Pro Review!l

    Quote: Oh I wasn't referring to you in particular; sorry if it seemed that way.  I'm just referring to how there's always at least 3 threads about Beats on page 1 and it's always filled with people making snobby exaggerated comments about them. 
  4. i_love_hina

    Beats Pro Review!l

    Blind Beats hatred is the most overplayed and boring thing on Head-Fi.  Not that I'd ever buy Beats myself, but then I'd never buy Grados (again) either.
  5. i_love_hina

    If you don't like grados...

    I don't like how they're built half-assedly and odds are you will encounter some sort of build deficiency somewhere along the line.  I don't like how there's a special term for driver rattling that plagues Grado's exclusively.  I don't like how the earcups are held by thin metal rods and as time...
  6. i_love_hina

    Sleek by 50 Cent, 2011 CES coverage

    Can I look forward to seeing incessant Sleek threads along with Beats Bose and Skullcandy on the frontpage now?
  7. i_love_hina

    Logitech Z-2300 : The Last of the Titans

    The Z2300's are funny.  I'll never hesitate to admit they sound like ass.  Yet, I love mine to death.  That subwoofer is too powerful for the price.
  8. i_love_hina

    DT880 - How to tell which OHM version you have?

    So recently I was curious and plugged in my 250ohm DT880 into my iPod shuffle.  To my surprise, it could get fairly loud.  Did I get shafted?  I've been told for 250ohms an amp is required, does this mean mine is actually 32 ohms? 
  9. i_love_hina

    Amazon Etailer sent me wrong DT880s...

    I did not know the Pro and Premium version sound the same.  Was under the impression that the Pros would sound slightly worse for some reason.  I wouldn't mind if Beyerdynamic just made 1 version of a headphone at a time like other manufacturers.
  10. i_love_hina

    A warning about headphone listening to appear in this Sunday's New York Times Magazine

    It's astonishing how terribly misinformed some News articles are.  You really notice until they print something that you are actually familiar with.  Then it makes you wonder if everything else they print is equally as dumb, just unbeknownst to you.
  11. i_love_hina

    After listening to FLAC/ALAC I can't go back.

    DT880 through Zero DAC.  On the few occasions I've tried, I couldn't even tell the difference between FLAC and 192kbps.  I'm sure if I tried enough I could, but that would involve a level of focus normally reserved for when I'm constipated.  128kbps and FLAC I can definitely tell though.  ...
  12. i_love_hina

    Could we maybe make a sticky about Beats/Skullcandies - etc?

    Reading Beats/Bose/Skullcandy hate is just (if not more) as boring as reading newb questions about them.
  13. i_love_hina

    Can someone take a look at my setup

    So right now I'm working with Laptop -> random $20 USB-optical converter -> Zero DAC via optical -> DT880's.   It looks very likely I'll be adding some tubes in the future, but before I proceed, I wanted to know if my USB-to-optical is bottlenecking my rig?  I don't know much about how this...
  14. i_love_hina

    American kids, dumber than dirt; is it really this bad?

    ITT:  Everyone thinks of themselves as smarter than everyone else. Meanwhile, they spend $500 on cables for their headphones.
  15. i_love_hina

    Watches - another passion of ours, it your pics!

    First watch I've gotten since my Fossil from high school.  For $95 it's a pretty ridonculous value.  Glad I didn't settle for an Invicta.  Shipping speed was beastly as well.  
  16. i_love_hina

    Was I wrong in giving this ebayer NEGATIVE feedback?

    Maybe his cat was sick or something.  While you may leave negative feedback for whatever you wish, I am personally too nice to just toss out the -'s.  I'd have given him a neutral at most, saving negatives for people who really screw me.
  17. i_love_hina

    Is it sinful that I enjoyed Monster Beats more than Grado sr-80s?

    When I auditioned the Beats I gathered that they're not terrible sounding headphones, pretty good in fact for Hip Hop, especially compared to the SR80. I think the thing about the Beats that the Head-Fi community takes exception to is that they cost $300, which is a joke to everything else in...
  18. i_love_hina

    So now I've got the HD 800's... what next?

    Take the HD800's, put it on your head, and use it to listen to music with.
  19. i_love_hina

    What headphones were you using b4 you discovered head-fi/real headphones!

    I was happy and content with my iPod earbuds running straight out of my laptops onboard :S
  20. i_love_hina

    Zero amp > AKG K701?

    TBH everything I've heard about K701 would indicate that they're horrible for me. I listen to metal and trance, I like bass (I enjoy my DT700/80 far more than my AD700), and I don't have an adequate source for the AKGs. I'm just in the mood for something new, and the K701's are so beautiful o_O
  21. i_love_hina

    Zero amp > AKG K701?

    I am this close to pulling the trigger on a sexy pair of K701s... however all I have to drive it is a stock Zero DAC/Amp and I have no intention of upgrading. Will it drive the K701's sufficiently, or should I stay away?
  22. i_love_hina

    Bought AT-AD700, Not Sure If Want...

    I'm gonna second that itchy comment. My AD700's drove me insane for a while because they sounded great, yet I was unable to keep them on my head through a song because the itchyness was unbearable. It hasn't been that way recently though, so I guess it's just part of breaking it in?
  23. i_love_hina

    Anyone else gag when brushing their teeth?

    This is why I love Head-Fi.
  24. i_love_hina

    Rate the video games you're currently playing

    Guild Wars 11.5/10 4/10 if you're bad at it.