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  1. judas391

    Gods bedamn you 3g ipod.

    Quote: Originally Posted by Duggeh Aleady done. All of my 100s of bookmarks are restored. Lord knows how I'd ever reconstruct all of those links to.. err, forums, and erm.. hi-fi reviews otherwise. And then theres my ****ing ass **** double **** hairy **** German dwarf **** fetish...
  2. judas391

    The Official Grado 325i Owners Club.

    Quote: Originally Posted by fatcat28037 After a 10 week wait Larry at headphile completed the mods to my 325i, Paduak wood trim and a BlackSilver cable. This is a photo Larry sent me I'll post some of my own soon. quoted for awesomeness
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    your most "used " album

    AC/DC - Live
  4. judas391

    Joining Team Grado -- spring for the SR80 or save money with the SR60?

    ignore everyone here, there is probably no EXTREMELY AUDIBLE difference between all grado cans. the difference is porbably minor between the 60/80. amped from a receiver, the 325i sounds fuller than the sr80 and less compressed, but i wouldn't justify the price differential (nearly $200)...
  5. judas391

    HMM I think I have a great idea, involving Grados

    Quote: Originally Posted by MontyPythizzle After the SR-80s I will probably stop, thats why I want to get the SR-80s and then the bookshelves. (sp? :P) I got a pair of HD485s in the process of RMA with Sennheiser currently so I will have a AFAIK good sounding set of Sennheiser. (best...
  6. judas391

    Joining Team Grado -- spring for the SR80 or save money with the SR60?

    my thought is the sound gets fuller once you go higher up in the prestige line.. my 325is just arrived today. impressions tomorrow
  7. judas391

    vintage receiver shopping on craigslist

    Quote: Originally Posted by roastpuff Yamaha's are definitely good sound for the money. The Pioneer isn't half-bad either... I can definitely guarantee a pretty decent sound out of the headphone out of the KR-6600 Kenwood if it was working - I have one myself! However, my tube...
  8. judas391

    Are headphones really high end?

    to someone who has not experienced a TRUE high fidelity sound system, whether headphones/speakers, a decent speaker system will always sound BETTER than a technically 'superior' headphone
  9. judas391

    Speaker Setup with Notebook

    that's the way. or you could by some active speakers and hook them straight from an emu 0404
  10. judas391

    RP-21 = My new best friend

    x6 the jump from a closed can to open is like earth to heaven
  11. judas391

    Do you prefer: Neutral / Warm / or Bright?

    i don't like warm.. for me it seems very boring and unengaging
  12. judas391

    Bacon! (not Kevin)

    What i hate is when restaurants cheap out on the bacon and like give you 2 strips on an 8.95 meal "bacon, 2 eggs sunny up, french fries, white bread"
  13. judas391

    My Setup Any Good?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Chrispy He said HP-1 and I nearly freaked out. Then I clicked the link QFT
  14. judas391

    Anyone Else Ever Been Threatened?? Beware; Long story

    Quote: Originally Posted by ken36 Part of living. Yep, no point in getting too panicky about it
  15. judas391

    Bacon! (not Kevin)

    ^ i'm surprised your tongue isn't your favourite organ, "spareribs"
  16. judas391

    Good lounge music

    cafe del mar is pretty awesome.. it's played at the restaurant where i work 24/7
  17. judas391

    Bacon! (not Kevin)

    i like really crisp bacon.. none of that stuff with like it swimming in grease and congealed fat
  18. judas391

    How to join the Stax Mafia (photo)

    lol, this thread is full of amuse and laugh
  19. judas391

    Back from Head-Fi Hiatus. Need suggestions on a new portable can.

    whoever just suggested a900s for portable.. you need your eyes examined
  20. judas391

    Clipping or no clipping????

  21. judas391

    Post the last thing you bought. Oh fun!

    Quote: Originally posted by 2ndgenteg well unless your ears are used for detecting land mines, you probably arent missing out and anything special. i own a pair of panasonic in ear's, and they are just as good as my sony psp's, (IMP), so really why would you spend $300 on something that...
  22. judas391

    Almost ready to pull the trigger on the SR225s

    imho, if you don't need video support, stick with your zen xtra and save the money that you were going to spend on a "modern' dap on components for your headphones,etc. other than aesthetics, there's no point in buying a new one just for "sound quality" reasons.. they are extremely minor
  23. judas391

    Need help to spend my money - new hobby

    the moderators on that forum are idiots.. they're giving you these general therapy replies that treat you as if you're just the average everyday psycho personally, i agree with you that you are different, but not in a negative sense. i don't think you want a girlfriend, but hwat a girlfriend...
  24. judas391

    Office Chat

    i'd say discuss something vulgar or something that really piques human curiosity. yes, this may sound distasteful, but it's the best way to spark a conversation with ANYONE. of course, evaluate if he's one of those nit-picky persons who is so finnicky about anything outside of 'normal' things...