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  1. vs17

    Quality DAC for DT 880 and Little Dot MK III (< $450)

      I recently bought a pair of DT 880 (600Ohm) headphones and a LittleDot MK III tube amp to go with them, and I was looking for a nice DAC to complete my setup. Any suggestions?   I'm a relatively new audiophile and although I've been doing research for a few months, I haven't picked a...
  2. vs17

    Just bought DT 880 32Ohm for $299, I love them...should I return them?

    I've been reading head-fi over the past few months while shopping for my first part of audiophile headphones. There really is a lot of great information on this site (mostly in the forums) that eventually led me to 3 choices. I decided to pull the trigger on 3 of them at Amazon for comparison...