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  1. Orestes1984

    Thinking about getting the Little Bear P5 v1.4 to play with valves

    I have a steady stream of available vintage "new old stock" valves as a family member of mine is a guitarist. I'm thinking of buying one of these amps so I can play with valves, I hear they are much better now since the v1.3  and upwards.
  2. Orestes1984

    chasing a cheap answer to portable headphone preamps on an iPhone?

    Don't bother with it, at least not in the sense of a DAC first   I answered my own question tonight, upon further investigation it seems completely unnecessary. On the other hand you might add an amplifier to add volume or colour...
  3. Orestes1984

    I forgot my introduction thread:

    Hi happy people,   How goes it today? I hope your going swimmingly well. My names Orestes as it says here. I'm not really a "speaker freaker," but I've grown up around one so the miles come with the territory. At present my Head-Fi is nothing spectacular although I have been looking I have yet...