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  1. Aiml3ss

    Blown Onix Reference MKii speaker. What now?

    Hi, I know Onix stopped selling/making the reference mkii. What do I do now? Do I look for another used pair or is there a comparable or slight upgrade? I've loved these speakers to death (literally) for years. Love the sound signature. Anything used around a 1k? Thanks.
  2. Aiml3ss

    Does anyone have experience with the Kef LS50?

    Hi everyone,   In a couple or so, I plan on purchasing passive speakers and an amp/dac to be used in the apartment I am moving into. I have my eyes on a couple speakers (B&W 685, CM1, Kef Q100, R100 and various others) as well as the Kef LS50. I'm just wondering if anyone has had the...
  3. Aiml3ss

    Where to go from HD650's and Carat-Emerald DAC?

    Hey guys,   To keep this simple and short, I have some HD650's and a Carat-Emerald USB DAC that I connect to my computer. What options do I have in "upgrading"? Do I get a new DAC/AMP and keep the HD650's? Anything I can do to my computer to improve?   My listening preferences include...
  4. Aiml3ss

    Anyone here play Fat Princess?

    Hey, Was wondering if anyone here plays the ridiculousness outrageously fun Fat Princess? What do you think of the game? Any tips/pointers? I am having a great time playing as a Dark Priest. I love sucking the health from oppenents and recharging mine! Also, I made a video today...
  5. Aiml3ss

    Which phone to get?

    Hey guys, I am selling my Nokia N85 (look in the for sale forums!) and I was wondering what unlocked phone I should get next? I have my eye on few, I am currently looking at the iphone 3g/3gs, Nokia 5800 and the Blackberry storm. Anyone else have a suggestion or comment on the above or...
  6. Aiml3ss

    Head-Fi SimplifyMedia Group! (COME JOIN!)

    Hey guys, I haven't seen this anywhere else so I decided to create a thread revolving around the Simplify Media application for Mac, Windows and Linux. If you haven't heard of Simplify Media, it allows you to share your music library in Itunes or other players over the internet with certain...
  7. Aiml3ss

    REVIEW: Musiland SVDAC06

    Musiland SVDAC06 Review This review is about the sound quality of the device. I did not review about the functions available from the Musiland. This is coming as an edit later on. (I'm super uber busy! ) About me: Just recently got into Hi-Fi music and equipment. I have never owned...
  8. Aiml3ss

    Mackie MR5, or other active speakers/monitors in $350 range

    Hey guys, I am looking to pick up a pair of active speakers/monitors to replace my Logitech Z-2300 (For sale BTW). My price range is is $300 to $350 or cheaper. I am currently looking at: Mackie MR5 Audioengine A5 JBL LSR2325P Yamaha HS50M I know that the Mackie MR5 and...
  9. Aiml3ss

    Just recieved my ATH-AD700's

    Hey guys, I finally received my first "real" pair of headphones! Boy do these things kick the crap out of my Bose QC2. The first thing that I noticed when I put them on was that the music is not muffled! I now understand what you guys mean by "airy". I love em so far! Thanks to all...
  10. Aiml3ss

    Entry into audiophile mania

    Hello all, I have been lurking around these forums for a couple of months now and am thinking that I am ready to take a plunge into the awesome but expensive world of audiophiles. My question to you: I am trying to decide on a pair of open headphones that will be used by my ipod and...