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  1. Groomsy

    Issue with sound from uDAC2->Foobar2000

    Hey all, I just upgraded the circuit in my uDAC to that of the uDAC2. All is working well, but I've noticed that when I start a song in Foobar2000, the first second of the song is silence - although the visualizations show that the song is playing and registers the signal, the actual sound...
  2. Groomsy

    Maximo iMetal iM790... any word?

    I searched for a related thread but only found one from several months ago which I didn't want to resurrect.   Anyway, is there any word on the new earphones from Maximo, the iM790? I've heard great things about the iM590 and considered buying a pair only to hear that the company was working...
  3. Groomsy

    uDAC and Little Dot I+.... good match for Grado SR80i?

    Hey all, I recently got a pair of Grado SR80i (I guess you could say these are my first real headphones). I've clocked about 40 hours on them and have noticed some pretty substantial changes in sound quality through the burn-in period, and expect only greater changes to come down the road.  ...