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  1. kindval

    JPlay 6

    Fidelizer pro sounds much better in my system than the free version...
  2. kindval

    JPlay 6

    Jplay has just released a new version, JPlay6....if you are serious about sound quality, just give it a try, it sounds better than any digital I have ever heard before and I have heard a lot...
  3. kindval

    Did anybody use JPLAY? Did you hear any difference?

    Jplay 5  combined with jriver 18 has made a big positive impact on my system....the sound has changed from very good to astoundingly good. The sound of my computer now destroys my high end cd transport ....   My setup:   windows 7, 64   Antelope Zodiac Gold with Voltikus PS  ...
  4. kindval

    Comparison: M-DAC vs ZODIAC GOLD w/VOLTIKUS vs HEGEL HD20

    Norwegian, I own the zodiac gold/voltikus combo and the audeze lcd-2. I can tell you that using the right settings with the control panel, the amp of the Zodiac drives the audeze easily and with great power and authority...I own a Violectric V200 amp as well, which is widely regarded as a very...
  5. kindval

    Review: Violectric HPA V200 amp

    ....Quote: I have exactly the same experience as you....finding the sweet  spot of my arm/cartridge combination concerning tracking force, azimuth and vta used to be a very time comsuming and frustrating experience, even when done with my old stax signature headphones. Now with the LCD-2/V200...
  6. kindval

    Zodiac Gold Headphone Setting for Audeze LCD-2?

    Hi Brian,   Sorry for the late rep;y, but I was traveling in India......  it is strange, because when I open the Zodiac control panel I can change the amp attenuation as well as the amp impedance....  
  7. kindval

    Zodiac Gold Headphone Setting for Audeze LCD-2?

    Hi Brian,   Download the Zodiac control panel and set the hp impedance at 0 ohm and the hp amp attenuation at 0 db. Consider upgrading the stock lcd cable to something like a Q cable...Be prepared for a very long break in time for the take at least 700 hours before the sound...
  8. kindval

    Antelope Zodiac Comparison Chart

    The zodiac gold with Voltikus ps with the lcd-2 is indeed a stunning combination. Until a few days ago I was using the standard power cord. Then I upgraded to a Lessloss power cord. The improvement has been magical....Just do yourself a favor and give these cords a try....  
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