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  1. rogerlee

    HeadRoom10% Discount for '05?

    Yeah, this is kind of off-topic, but I was just wondering. Is Head-Fi planning on having another 10% off coupon this year?
  2. rogerlee

    Ety ER-4 Triflanges - Uncomfortable?

    Just a quick question. I'm one of those people who can't use the Shure tri-flanges as tri-flanges even with the stem trimmed. To use them, I need to cut off the smallest flange to make them work or else I get zero seal. That said, if I were to buy some ER-4's, would I experience a similar...
  3. rogerlee

    E5C Right Channel Problems - I'm Sad :(

    Man, right on Christmas. I picked up my E5C's today and was listening to it out of my iPod when I noticed that the sound was totally off. Then I realized that the right channel was about ten times quieter than my left channel (which was fine), and that if I turned up the volume to compensate...
  4. rogerlee

    Gilmore Lite/PSU or V2?

    It seems weird how the V2 is only $70 more than the Gilmore Lite+PSU combo. Given this, what would you rather buy (of these three options): a) Gilmore Lite, standard power ($300) b) Gilmore Lite, premium power ($480) c) Gilmore V2 ($550) Build time is not a huge issue. Thanks...