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  1. riverlethe

    Sennheiser Credibility

    When did Sennheiser start making $2000 headphone amps and $400 cables?  Shouldn't this pretty much destroy their credibility in the eyes of any knowledgeable audio professional?  Also, I noticed that the FR graph of the $1000 HD700 is almost identical to the HD650:  ...
  2. riverlethe

    Circumaural that sounds like ER-4P?

    Is there a circumaural set that sounds relatively similar to the ER-4P? The HD650 has too much bass and the K701 has too much treble. I've tried the DT880's in the past and couldn't stand the treble spike on those, either. Any recommendations?
  3. riverlethe

    Zune 120gb vs. iPod 120gb headphone output

    Which of these devices has a more powerful headphone output?
  4. riverlethe

    Uh oh

    The left channel of my HD650's is clearly louder than the right channel, even if I reverse the headphones and change sources. What might cause such a problem?
  5. riverlethe

    K701's have no bass?

    I can understand people wanting more bass than the K701's provide, but I'm curious as to why some claim they have "no bass." I thought this might just be an exaggeration, but I've even seen people claiming to have done sine sweeps and not hearing much bass below 100Hz. I watched the troll...
  6. riverlethe

    DT880 2005 Edition?

    Is this the most recent version of the DT880? Headroom mentions a 2006 and 2003 model, but no 2005 model.
  7. riverlethe


    I plugged some Mackie HR824mk2's into my Benchmark DAC1, and they pretty much blow the HD650's out of the water. Can anyone recommend a set of headphones that will compete?
  8. riverlethe

    Crossover Plugin

    Is there a crossover plugin available that would accomplish something similar to Headroom and Meier's crossover feature?
  9. riverlethe

    Benchmark DAC1 vs. Headroom Desktop?

    Can anyone compare a Benchmark DAC1 to a Headroom Desktop with Home Amp and Home DAC modules?
  10. riverlethe

    Corda Opera in the US?

    Does anyone know where to find the Corda Opera in the US, with a 30-day return policy? Can anyone offer insight on how this would compare to a Headroom Desktop w/ Home Modules? (I'm using HD650's.)
  11. riverlethe

    HD650 + Headroom Desktop Home Modules

    Any thoughts on how this would synergize? What would I gain from Equinox or Cardas cables?
  12. riverlethe

    Stepped Attenuator?

    I'm curious about the stepped attenuator option on the Headroom Amps. What does this thing do that makes it worth $100? Does it improve sound quality?
  13. riverlethe

    HR Desktop Max vs. Desktop Balanced

    Both of these amps, fully upgraded, are about the same price, if you factor in the DPS for the max Desktop. What would be the major differences in sound between them? Ie., what does balanced do that would make up for the lesser Home+Home upgrades?
  14. riverlethe

    HD650 + Micro Stack: There's More?!?

    I just purchased this combo as my introduction to audophilia and plugged it into my X-Fi via supposedly bit-matched SPDIF. I'm using the amp on high gain with the X-fi turned down to 30. Metallica ("Master of Puppets"), Opeth and Atheist don't sound particularly laid-back. Nick Cave is more...
  15. riverlethe

    Trekstor Vibez or iAudio 7?

    Does anyone have experience with both of these players? They seem to be the most highly-rated for sound quality in their price range. Is there another option that I'm missing? I'll be using them with AD700's.