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  1. velvetx

    Official 2016 SF Head-Fi Meet Impressions Thread - July 16, 2016

    Good news is I am thankful I am alive as I was concerned that @DecentLevi's Tower Of Babel was going to burn the place down.  Want to start off by thanking Wikia for hosting and as always big thanks to @third_eye and @jude for organizing this amazing meet.  Was a real pleasure to meet the...
  2. velvetx

    The Stax Thread III

      Just got a revised quote today since we are currently at a total of 12 psu boards and 11 amp boards the pricing has changed to the following:   Amp Boards went from $41.67 to $27.49 PSU Boards went from $27.28 to $22.67   Thank you.
  3. velvetx

    The Stax Thread III

    I am actually currently doing a group buy on boards for the SR-X Plus Amp as well as the JimL Shunt PSU (recently updated by KG).  Please shoot me a pm if you are interested.   The group buy will be closing at 5PM PST on 5/13 which at that time I will be ordering the boards and letting people...
  4. velvetx

    Eddie Current - Black Widow, Solid State Headphone AMP Impressions Thread

    Sorry just found out they are currently sold out.  Damn that was fast.
  5. velvetx

    :sunrise: CanJam SoCal 2016 (March 19-20, 2016)

      You may not care whether or not there is a members area but there are people who obviously do.  You can't discount them and say based on your own sole experience there is a feeling of community at CanJams because for others there obviously isn't (they have voiced it).   CanJam is a trade...
  6. velvetx

    The State of Personal Audio - Discussion & Competition!

    1)    I know a lot of people may disagree but the biggest developments in personal/portable audio are smartphones and to a more audio related specific extent the further development of the iPod.  People may not like Apple products but numbers don’t lie and in 2015 alone 2.3 billion iPhones were...
  7. velvetx


      Come on man this picture is on google images (public picture).  It's not a big deal because at this point you are just being petty about it.
  8. velvetx

    Reply to review by 'velvetx' on item 'FiiO X7'

    Thanks for posting your review.  However, and others can feel free to chime in here. In your blind testing results the fact that you can't discern between the x3ii, x5ii, and x7 in sound quality means that if you are buying this player then it's for the features (no need to upgrade). Hands down...
  9. velvetx

    UPDATE! CAPACITY RAISE! - SF meet Saturday Nov. 7th - We have a venue and date! It's really happening! CAPACITY RAISE!! WE CAN TAKE 20 MORE PEOPLE!

    Yep got it.  I also have hard drive with music on it for my iMac if we need it.  So if I have my Emotiva DC-1 all this setup would need is an amp and we would be golden.
  10. velvetx

    Finally - New Cavalli Audio Portable Unveiled at the SF HeadFi Meet

      You can speak your opinion but honestly if you know anything about Cavelli Audio as a company it is definitely not in the same vein as other companies that are charging ridiculous amounts for products that sound inferior.  They make things in small batches and do things right.  They don't try...
  11. velvetx

    Finally - New Cavalli Audio Portable Unveiled at the SF HeadFi Meet

      Great then go buy it.  You shouldn't try to lump the portable market into something because you can get a better deal.  There are other companies that are priced much higher (chord hugo) that don't sound as good as this portable.   Before you start saying things like price price price...
  12. velvetx

    Finally - New Cavalli Audio Portable Unveiled at the SF HeadFi Meet

      If I had to guess it would be something around $700-$750.  Don't get confused about the Carbon price because Cavelli did price that to give back to the community and if more are made the price may go up.     This is a discrete high quality product $200-$300 no way.  Cavelli doesn't use...
  13. velvetx

    FiiO X7 | DXD | DSD | 384K/64B | ESS9018+ Android | WiFi | Bluetooth | 4 AMP modules | Balanced Out |

    Right now 256GB micro sd cards are pretty rare but more companies are going to be making them.     Honestly look how long the ipod classic lasted heck I even have an ipod classic that still has a working HDD and has no issues.  Just saying don't get too caught up in HDD failures as they rarely...
  14. velvetx

    Hifiman Edition X

      I was just talking about the sound signature it was just more neutral sounding (people seem to be referring that to more of a reference sound).  Trust me it wouldn't be mine either but I have to say it definitely sounded good.
  15. velvetx

    Hifiman Edition S - NEW Closed Portable

      Keep in mind these are in the very early development stages (no price, and the final design isn't even completed).  I would wait when these are at least almost done then make a decision.
  16. velvetx

    2015 CanJam @ RMAF Impressions thread - (October 2-4, 2015)

    As I read the impressions I am actually a little disappointed that more people haven't talked about this little diamond in the rough.  Meet the Fostex MK3 Series.   The T50RP is a semi open back headphone, the T40RP is a closed back headphone, while the T20RP is an open back headphone. You can...
  17. velvetx

    2015 CanJam @ RMAF Impressions thread - (October 2-4, 2015)

      Agreed.  The LCD-2 though a great headphone is not even close in terms of details, sound stage, and imaging.  But who knows maybe Barra just has the magical pair.
  18. velvetx

    Audeze LCD-4
  19. velvetx

    Audeze LCD-4

      I agree with Mercer on the EL8 (both versions) and I can't wait to hear what he has to say about the LCD-4 because from what I read in his cam jam impressions it wasn't good.
  20. velvetx

    2015 CanJam @ RMAF Impressions thread - (October 2-4, 2015)

    This review is pretty accurate. Kennerton Audio for me was one of the worst in show as both the Magister and Odin just didn't sound good (right behind Audeze). I would like to have a weigh off between the Odin and the LCD-4 though. Please note you can view my LCD-4 impressions here...
  21. velvetx

    Audeze LCD-4

      Just letting you know please don't let reviews completely make the decision for you as from my experience in this thread alone if there is any negativity regarding the LCD-4 basically there are people that just won't believe it or feel the need to post positive reviews over what you say.
  22. velvetx

    Cavalli Audio Liquid Carbon Now Available

    Yes sorry I fixed my comment I was speaking about my favorite amp/headphone combo as being the Liquid Gold Balanced SS Amp with the Abyss.  It honestly was a long day when you are critically listening to things at the show.
  23. velvetx

    Audeze LCD-4

      To add to this.  Imagine if you could have a huge pre-order line for your amp where no one has heard it and they have to buy it at the end of the crowdfunding.  Wouldn't you as a company do it? This is similar to the video game industry which allow you to pre-order unfinished products.