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  1. wdh777

    Apple Music digital masters

    I guess I missed the press release on Apple Music digital masters. How do these compare to tidal, amazon, and qobuz? Is there a way to see apple digital masters in Apple Music? I don’t see the logos? Thanks
  2. wdh777

    Nordost blue heaven vs silver shadow vs heimdall

    looking to get two bnc cables for a chord m scaler. Trying to decide between Nordost blue heaven vs silver shadow vs heimdall. Any thoughts from the experts here? Thanks
  3. wdh777

    Reference track

    Not sure where to post this. So if you are trying out top end headphones 2000+ what is your go to track? Not go to 2-5 but a single. Tough choice. After tonight i think mine is beautiful love by Shirley horn. Yours?
  4. wdh777

    IOS 10

    Not sure where to post this.  I'm using a hugo TT into a gsx mk2 running it balanced and using an iPad tidal as a source.  It's worked great for a year.  Last night five minutes into streaming I got static/jitter.  If I unplug my iPad and then reconnect it then it works for about five minutes...
  5. wdh777

    Tidal vs ?

    I'm using tidal to stream from my phone and iPad. Is this currently the highest quality streaming service that can be used on an iPhone and iPad? Thanks
  6. wdh777

    Preference between oppo ha-2 vs denon da-10

    Going back and forth between these two to power ultrasone edition 5 headphones when used with an ipad. Any guidance from the experts on this site? Also how about these vs centrance or fostec? Thanks
  7. wdh777

    High end camera adaptor cable for iPhone or ipad

    Right now I'm using an apple camera adaptor cable from my iPad to a usb b high end cable. kind of a shame to attach an expensive cable to a cheap camera adaptor cable. Does anyone make a higher end short camera adaptor cable for Apple devices? Thanks
  8. wdh777

    high end lightning to usb b cable?

    Do they make such a thing or do you need to use the apple camera adapter?  I kind of feel like it is a shame to attache a apple camera adaptor to a high end cable.  I can't seem to find one though?  thanks
  9. wdh777

    Best iPad/iPhone amp/dac at any price?

    I've been reading these forums and it seems like the marantz and oppo are regarded highly. Is there one that is generally preferred? Are there others that are more expensive that is better? One key requirement is that I can plug a iPhone or iPad directly in using the standard FireWire to use...
  10. wdh777

    Nuforce mmp and general question.

    Anyone notice that nuforce introduced a portable amp today called the mmp? Looks like it lists for 60. Do you guys notice a huge sound difference using an amp like this with an iPad and high end headphones. Is it just a volume thing given these don't have dacs? Thanks
  11. wdh777

    Volume on dacs

    So I'm using a few external dacs/headphone amps with my iPad. My nuforce volume adjusts volume when I adjust my iPad volume vs my hpp1 doesn't allow me to adjust the volume on my iPad but only the dac. If this was a true dac I would think the iPad volume would not matter as it would be a pure...