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  1. Inertia Creeps

    HiFiman HE-500 (HE as in High End) Proving to be an enjoyable experience in listening.

    I should be joining the HE-500 club and Emotiva Mini X club myself. I'm getting both and a dac with them (not sure on this one yet). I'm using the HE adapter to rig it up. I should also be getting the alpha dogs as well.   Be interesting to see how much of an upgrade the HE-500 is over the MDR...
  2. Inertia Creeps

    HE-500, LCD2, D5000, DT770, SR80, on a speaker amp (Emotiva mini-X A-100) Project

    Thank you for all the help that has been posted in this thread. Been interesting to lurk it.   I should be buying a Emotiva Mini X and Hifiman HE-500's myself soon. This is my first serious headphone rig after using the MDR V6 for so long. I've done the research to know I want the HE-500.  ...
  3. Inertia Creeps

    AKG K812(?) Professional Headphones - coming soon

    Hope this is a ToTL headphone, or at least able to compete with some of them.   Been looking to upgrade over my current cans.
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