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  1. dynagroove

    EC/SS Overlooked?

    i am now the proud owner of a G1 EC/SS (thanks Dash & Compuryan ). i've been "auditioning" this amp for the better part of a week now with my Ultrasone PROLine 2500s and have been extremely happy with what this little amp can do. i don't own HD650s, but i am pleased with other's reviews, just...
  2. dynagroove

    Any one bought any thing from northernsound

    i've been "browsing" NSL for years and finally decided to buy a pair of PROline 2500s last month. service was top notch. they have been a well known and well respected company in the pro sound business for many years - you are in good hands. sign up for the newsletter for a little extra off...
  3. dynagroove

    Got charged to much for an item, opinions

    Quote: Originally Posted by Kirosia I think he needs to be taught a lesson. I fiery lesson. then there is Kirosia's way - soak several dozen churros in kerosene, wrap them tight in a plastic, drive halfway across the country to the "seller's" place of residence, then exact a...
  4. dynagroove

    Got charged to much for an item, opinions

    when i sell, i try to calculate shipping fees as exact as i possibly can and i try to pack very well using supplies that i recycle. things that are would be included under handling fees are things like packing tape, which i use lots of and now the biggie is gasoline. if i waste one third of a...
  5. dynagroove

    Playstation 3 backwards compatible

    Quote: Originally Posted by Zanth Under system settings there is a PS2 area where you can smooth out the PS2 games by some form of interpolation. I never had a PS2 but the PS2 games I do have look good. i've tried any and all options available to try and make PS2 games look...
  6. dynagroove

    Playstation 3 backwards compatible

    Quote: Originally Posted by vagarach edit: even the 60GB does software emu, only the 20GB has the actual chip included. the 60GB does have the chip on board - this was the main reason that i sought out this particular model long after production had ceased. edit: yea - what...
  7. dynagroove

    Favorite Paper Towel-Fi

    Quote: Originally Posted by captainzoli Viva Paper Towels Quote: Originally Posted by analogbox Any review on this? so as sad as this may be, i have an on topic review of Viva which even relates to Head-Fi... a friend turned me on to using Viva (by Kleenex of...
  8. dynagroove

    Sennheiser hd 280 + Amp?

    i've found that the general consensus concerning the HD280-pro is that they are not regarded highly. i have 2 very broken in sets of HD280-pros and for the money, i think they sound really nice. even better when they are paired with a nice amp (as other have indicated above). CMOYs are fun to...
  9. dynagroove


    seriously - the mini3 is a super bargain for $100. it sounds great, is well built and has some nice features. well worth the $ IMHO.
  10. dynagroove

    Er... Did my Paypal account just get hacked?

    Quote: Originally Posted by fraseyboy I always type it in directly. I don't think the emails I got were fraudulent since there's no links in them... Unless there's some other way? Hmm no I don't use paypal token... What is that? ok, sounds like the emails were legitimate. i...
  11. dynagroove

    Any Other Bimmer Guys on Here?

    love the 318is! here is a pic of the stable just before dismantling brings a tear to my eye... jeff h
  12. dynagroove

    Er... Did my Paypal account just get hacked?

    how are you logging into your paypal account? are you logging in by directly typing the paypal url into your browser, or are you clicking on the link in an email? a quick search for "we have limited access to your account" returns quite a few phishing emails attempting to get you to log into...
  13. dynagroove

    Burger-Fi: what makes a great burger? Post your toppings!

    Quote: Originally Posted by Sceptre I'm sure if Tarantino had tried one it would have been in the LA area. I know most of the characters names came from his friends and school buddies as my wife knew him as a kid. The's were playing in a shop (CD) when he was in Tokyo or...
  14. dynagroove

    Burger-Fi: what makes a great burger? Post your toppings!

    Quote: Originally Posted by jonjon0nline JonJon, i thought that first one looked like In-N-Out and this second multi burger confirmed it. man i'm jealous - that place is seriously good! we don't have In-N-Out here. what we do have here is green chili and lots of it. you...
  15. dynagroove

    Head-Fi alternative?

    the Lansing Heritage forum is ok - although they are somewhat biased to JBL . Lansing Heritage Forums - Powered by vBulletin
  16. dynagroove

    Which are you, Electronics geek? Music Lover? Mix of both?

    music is a love of most, but having a burning desire to understand why the same piece of music sounds better or worse on one piece of equipment vs. another can become a sickness . it's good to have a balance imho.
  17. dynagroove

    OMG....this is freakin' wild!!!

    that is bizarre - i guess you could easily eat an onion like an apple .
  18. dynagroove

    Review: Portable amp roundup! 56 portable amps reviewed and compared - FINAL update 12-20-10 added RSA SR-71B

    thanks for your reviews Skylab! you were right on the mark for the go-vibe v5 and the mini3, so i decided to pony up for the 2move. again right on! keep those reviews coming. jeff h
  19. dynagroove

    Adieu To The True Audiophile?

    Quote: Originally Posted by vcoheda as long as they keep on making CDs, i'm good. the day when new music is only offered in MP3 format is when the audiophile hobby is dead. interesting thread for certain. vcoheda, your short post struck me the most as i've heard this same comment...
  20. dynagroove

    some good news after a long while

    Quote: Originally Posted by Lazarus Short So, did you find your glasses...? hehe, nice story - that was my question too - where were your glasses? i halfway expected them to be wrapped up as your present... congrats on your completed degree and good luck on your phd! jeff h
  21. dynagroove

    What Headphones Are You Using Right Now?

    UltimateEars 3's (and a lot of anxious waiting for Livewires to arrive )
  22. dynagroove

    Happy Birthday amb!

    the power LED on my Mini3 is flashing "happy birthday" in morse code - is this normal? thanks for all your contributions AMB & happy birthday! jeff h
  23. dynagroove

    Re: Posting Requirements for the Gear For Sale/Trade Forums

    wow - as a noob, this thread makes my head spin . i have no opinion on the 50 post count requirement for the FS forums, however i do find posting a bit challenging in general here. mostly for the following reasons: - as a headphone noob, i know very little, so i don't have a lot to add to a...
  24. dynagroove

    question about FS/FT forums & PMs

    all good tips - thank you. to make this thread slightly on topic, Rednamalas1 have you purchased your Livewires yet? i'm committed, but haven't got the impressions yet. from what i've read, Livewires are a true bargain! jeff h