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  1. Zemo

    The Music that defines me....

    So, the music that you most frequently listen to has a tendancy to define you...and everybody listens to something different! Everyone list what artists they listen to most frequently (say, within' the last week)...I'd love to discover new music! My list: The Notwist Mr. Scruff The...
  2. Zemo

    Hey, look what I got!

  3. Zemo

    Interesting discovery about the SA5k's...

    So, being the complete nutcase I am, I ripped off the stock cable from my SA5k's, and went ahead and recabled 'em with some ultra high purity oxygen free silver plated copper...couple discoveries! FIRST - the cable used on the SA1k and SA3k is the EXACT same as the cable used on the SA5k! oh...
  4. Zemo

    Westone UM2 frequency response graph

    Anybody know where I can find one of these? I tried googleing, and looking other places, couldn't find aynthing. I'm playing with the 5 bad parametric EQ on my new rio karma....
  5. Zemo

    Car guys! First car help!

    Well, it's time for me to get a car! I've been talking with Thaddy, and couple other people I know, and I've more or less narrowed it down to 3 choices. If you could let me know what you'd pick, and why, or if you'd get something else (in this price-range), and why, it'd be appruciated...
  6. Zemo

    Sony MDR-SA5000 available anywhere but audiocubes?

    Well, I'm in the states, wanting to get some of these babys, but audiocube's price is hard to stomach....are these available anywhere in the states other than audiocubes? Or, are any head-fi'ers making a trip to japan anytime soon? I'd love to get my hands on these.... -Z
  7. Zemo

    Which cans next?

    Well, Here's the story. I've had several good pairs of headphones, and developed the sound I'm looking for. I sold all of my fullsized cans to get some canal phones and a good mp3 player, but I realize that's just not my style! What cans do I get now? Cans I've tried: senn HD600 -meh. It...
  8. Zemo

    Using a CD player as a DAC/analog stage for my computer?

    Would it be possible to use the digital outs of my emu 0404, and run it into the DAC stage of my njoe tjoeb 4000? The digital from the card would replace the digital comming from the hard would this be to do? The card can do coax, but the cable comming from the transport is...
  9. Zemo

    Front Panels Express HPGL files

    Hey all, I'm looking to add custom graphics engraving to a front panel I'm designing, and I'm thinking the key is the HPGL tool....I did some googleing, with not much success, it seems HPGL isn't very widely used, or at least there arn't tools available! I'd just like to be able to have a...
  10. Zemo

    0404 - 192kHz support is out!

    Yup, get your new version of the drivers and patchmix dsp at! -Z
  11. Zemo

    Need PPA help!

    So this PPA I've got sitting here is misbehaving quite badly....This amp was working fine for about a week, got shipped out of the country, and was dead on arrival. I got it back, and have been doing some testing on it, and can't figure out what's wrong! The output offset was all wacky, so I...
  12. Zemo

    Shure E5c vs. Etymotic ER-4s

    Yup! I got 'em both right here! Special thanks to Thaddy for loanin' me his beloved ety's! time for busines!! COMFORT So, I don't have the flange tips or whatever, just the foamies for the etys, so the flange tips may be different (XP can comment?). The Etys took a couple tries to get seated...
  13. Zemo

    Handmade electronics: BEWARE

    I had some experiences with handmade....needless to say they won't get my business again. I placed an order, the email I got back: "Your credit card was declined 3 times in two days." That was info about resubmitting, no contact phone number, nothing. After a couple emails back...
  14. Zemo

    Reccomend some speakers!

    Hello all! I'm in the market for some new speakers. I've been looking at a few and need some of your opinions and advice. Speakers I've looked at: -Green Mountain Audio Europa (no longer an option) -Vandersteen 2Ce -Focus Audio FC-50 -Focus Audio FC-70 Thanks for your help! -Z
  15. Zemo

    1212m's adat input....anyone want to help?

    I'm looking to take advantage of the E-mu's 8channels of adat input capability. I assume I need some sort of external i/o box with an ADC and adat connectivity...anyone know of such a thing? -Z
  16. Zemo

    1212m group buy?

    I've got a local guitar center, and a buddy that works there.... check this thread: -Z
  17. Zemo

    Interest check: 1212m group buy

    Hey guys, there's a guitar center near my place, and I'm good friends with one of the guys there. If I go into the store, I'm sure I can get a VERY nice quote for a 1212m price, especially if I buy a few of them. My guess is in the $150 range. My question is, how many people would want one...
  18. Zemo

    Want to mod my soundcard....where to start!?

    Hey all (especially Iron_dreamer and Edwood)....I wanna mod my soundcard! Not that I'm unhappy with its sound, bit if I can get better sound, why not? It's an Echo's the best pic I could get (I suck) and I labelled anything I thought might be relevant.....ideas on what I can do...
  19. Zemo

    Mint problems...can you help?

    Hey guys, I put together a mint, and it's not working right.... it sounds fine, but when it's outside of the case, I get various squelching RF-type noises at different pot positions, wich happen to change as I get close to the amp..... I cased it up, to get rid of the outside interference, and I...
  20. Zemo


    Head-fi members: A member of the hardforums has been stealing huge numbers of pics of your amps, and implying they are his own creations on his headphone amp website. He's using YOUR amp to gain credability for selling CMoys on hardforum. you can see his thread here...
  21. Zemo

    HELP ME!!!

    I purchased an amp from Shutakagi but I can't contact him because his PM box is full (shutakagi, if you're reading this CLEAN IT OUT!!!). And sadly, there are problems with the amp. The idea was that it would drive my AKG K501s with plenty of authority, but I crank the knob all the way up, and...
  22. Zemo

    I'm looking at getting into DIY...what cost for amps?

    How much should I expect to spend on parts and the like if I DIY my own amp? looks like a good much should I expect to spend on the various amps there? the meta42? the mint? the ppa? Thank you! I'm basically looking to build a portable amp that will...
  23. Zemo

    Wich portable amp for AKG K501?

    Now, I know the 501 isn't exactly a portable headphone, but that's what I have right now, I don't want to end up leaving it at home when I want to take my music with me. The 501 is a fairly high impedance headphone (120 ohm) so I'm having to turn the volume knob up quite a bit to get a good...
  24. Zemo

    Airhead version differences? What's the deal?

    So, the new airheads are 3xAAA, and the old ones are 2xAA.....what's the defference? is there one? Is it batterylife? Power output? what?
  25. Zemo

    What tweaks are there for AKG K501?

    Anybody? I don't have them yet (tomarrow maybe? stupid ground shipping!) but I hear they might leave a little to be desired in the low end..anything I can do to help them along? Thanks!