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  1. carlchip78

    Schiit Eitr impression and USB-SPDIF converters discussion

    I have no doubt this device serves a purpose, it just has an unfortunate name. Am I the only one seeing it?
  2. carlchip78

    Schiit Eitr impression and USB-SPDIF converters discussion

    A Schiit eitr? Seriously??
  3. carlchip78

    Article: "Why USB Cables Can Make a Difference"

    Hear hear.. always the voice of reason.. Seems like you're one of the good guys. I have no background surrounding your avatar, but it does seem fitting after reading a lot of your "everybody, calm down now" posts.    It's easy to become closed minded on a topic regardless of which end of the...
  4. carlchip78

    Article: "Why USB Cables Can Make a Difference"

    Just SchiitStirring folks, as you were..   
  5. carlchip78

    Article: "Why USB Cables Can Make a Difference"

    ^^ What that guy said.      Apologies for coming across as rude, intrusive or obnoxious.. etc. ahem. But, exactly how many thousands of dollars do you suggest one ought spend on a headphone rig so that these day/night - clear/rusty audible differences in those cables become apparent to...
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  7. carlchip78

    how to sound science, a messy attempt.

    As a generalisation this hobby does not encourage critical thinking. If the original post was shared with all new HeadFi members I think a lot of time and money could be saved. Time to listen to more music and money to buy more music.
  8. carlchip78

    Mac Mini: Should I Skip External DAC?

    Yep, start with what you have and you may be satisfied with the sound quality. I had a pair of 701s a while back and I do remember they needed more of the volume dial than most of the other headphones I had tried. If you're using more than 50% of the volume on your amp then the additional power...
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  10. carlchip78

    Your Album of the Year 2013!

  11. carlchip78

    Distortion problem with V90

    I've just encountered a distortion issue with my system that consists of the SA1.32 DAC that has two RCA outs (one into an integrated amplifier, the other into a Violectric V90). I only ever have one of these switched on at a time. The V90 is the newest component in this system. Today I noticed...
  12. carlchip78

    Audio-GD Reference 5.2 (New Balanced 4x PCM1704UK DAC)

    Hey rezolver, I know your last post was a couple of months ago, but I had the same 'soundstage shift' issue with my SA-1 DAC. In my case the intermittent channel imbalance almost drove me insane. Troubleshooting was a nightmare of switching amps, tubes, cables, headphones, DAC's, media players...
  13. carlchip78

    Best High-End Amp for the Hd650

    My 650's sound awesome out of a WA6SE.
  14. carlchip78

    Addicted to Bass?!

    I would suggest having a listen to some orthodynamic headphones. The quality of bass from my LCD2 and WA6SE is outstanding. This combination has given me the most natural sounding rig I've ever owned. I don't think I could afford that level of quality in a speaker setup.
  15. carlchip78

    Need Help Finding Headphones

    Have a look at the DT1350, they seem to meet all of your requirements.
  16. carlchip78

    Album of the Year Thread

    In no particular order: Alabama Shakes - Boys & Girls Father John Misty - Fear Fun Jack White - Blunderbuss Florence + the Machine - MTV Unplugged Tom Waits - Bad As Me The Black Keys - El Camino Lower Plenty - Hard Rubbish Zappa Re-issues
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    Want buy an $1000 tube headphone amp, which one should I buy?

    Hi, have you considered the WA6SE? Great amp!
  18. carlchip78

    Your 5 newest CDs (or LPs)

    Total Control- Henge Beat Grizzly Bear- Shields Opeth- Orchid Frank Zappa- Guitar Frank Zappa- Fillmore East; June 1971
  19. carlchip78

    Best headphone for electronic music under 2000 dollars?

    If you've got $2k to spend I think the LCD2 amped with a WA6SE is fantastic for electronic and metal. If you decide on another headphone due to comfort issues, I still highly recommend the WA6SE. The PR&T is outstanding for electronic and metal.
  20. carlchip78

    Rebuying all my old music purchased on iTunes on cd?

    Quote: If collecting cd's and building a library is what you enjoy then pursue it. Trying out different gear and music for yourself is what makes this hobby so enjoyable, well at least for me it is.