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  1. Poetic

    JDS Labs O2 Break in Period

    All the amps i own i assume have a break in period. But the JDS Labs O2 in particular was wondering if it actually requires a break in period. I think i read somewhere that it doesn't does anyone know for sure ? That would help me out Alot ^_^
  2. Poetic

    Amp recommendation for Hifiman He-6

    Hey everyone just ordered the He-6 from Crutchfield. Does anyone have any amp recommendations for the He-6? Budget 700$ but i can extend to $800 If need to be. i seen a thread a while back for amping the He-6 but i can't seem to find it...
  3. Poetic

    Sony MDR ex1000

    I am interested in purchasing the Sony MDR ex1000 this week. I've read they are one of the best Dynamic IEM's ever heard. I am a big fan of the Vsonic Gr07's, and so far i haven't found an IEM that sounds better to my ears than the 07's. I was wondering if the Son'y still hold it's ground as...
  4. Poetic

    Are Tube Amps better than Solid State Amps?

    I've never used a tube amp before. I was thinking of trying out the Hifiman Ef-5, and if that doesn't workout ill just stick with the my JDS Labs O2 :)
  5. Poetic

    Where Can I buy Audio Technica Ck-10/ Alclair Reference?

    When i first looked into IEM"s i really liked the Sound of Brainwavz B2 and the GR07's, I've read that the Alclair reference and the Sony MDR ex1000 is an upgrade from the GR07's. I've also read that the Audio Technica Ck-10 is an upgrade from brainwavz b2 and that the (CK-10) were discontinued...
  6. Poetic

    Best amp for hifiman he-400 under 350$.

    I'm currently using the dacport lx along with the fiio e9. I was wondering what amp would pair well with the DACport Lx + hifiman he-400
  7. Poetic

    Dacport LX

    the fiio e9 has 2 RCA's Line OUT, not RCA line in, i recently bought the dacport lx for my cousin. and we are trying to figure out what cord do i need to connect to the dacport lx. the dacport has a 1/4 headphone jack in it, I already have a 1/4 adapter already so that's not an issue. but i need...
  8. Poetic

    DAC port LX + Fiio e9

    The dacport lx has a headphone out 1/4th jack, So what cord do i need to hook the dacport lx to the fiio e9
  9. Poetic

    ODAC or Dacport LX

    Does anyone think the fiio e9 would go great with these to lovely DACS? please help me gentlemen as i am need of purchasing these as christmas presents :)
  10. Poetic

    vsonic gr07 vs hifiman re-262

    which one is better? and why  :) i have a hisound studio 3rd anniversary to drive the hifiman re262, i figured with the right amp power it would outperform alot of iems at its price range
  11. Poetic

    DAC i can order from Amazon.

    Hello, can someone give me a few suggestions of a really Good USB DAC that I can order from Amazon. I know the HRT Music Streamer II+ is good. But i need something to replace my fiio e9, DAC/AMP. something on the line 200-400$
  12. Poetic

    Colorfly C4 or Ibasso dx100

    How good is the colorfly c4? I recently just bought the Hisound Studio 3rd anniversary and for some reason it won't regonize any of my SD cards. Tried reinstalling the firmware, formatting fat32 exc. I've tried multiple SD cards and it still doesn't work. on the "External Source" It keeps...
  13. Poetic

    He-500 worth price tag?

    I've been listening to my Sennheiser HD 650's and Hifiman he-400's for a while now. But I really want to know if the He-500's are worth the price tag/upgrade. I plan on using this on my Hisound Studio 3rd anniversary. Are the He-500's hard to drive? Do they require more power than my He-400. and...
  14. Poetic

    Ultrasone PRO 900 S-Logic Surround Sound Professional Headphones

    How good are these headphones? i know they are good with bass but how good would they stand up to the sennheiser HD 650, hifiman he-400
  15. Poetic

    Hifiman He-400 Velour Pads

    Do the velour pads really bring out better sound in the HIfiman he-400? or is that just placebo >.>
  16. Poetic

    Audiophile Company :D

    In you guys opinion, what company makes the best headphones. and why ^^
  17. Poetic

    Colorfly C3 and C4

    As you all know, The Hisound Studio 3rd anniversary is a Fantistic player, it performed beautiful and outperformed my Cowon j3. I am very impressed with it's juicy musical sound signature. I want to thank Jack/Hisound Sponsor for letting me particpate in the promotion and giving me great...
  18. Poetic

    Hifiman re 262, Sony MDR ex600, or Vsonic gr07

    I've recently purchased the hifiman re0, and i really fell in love them. Been using them with my Hisound studio 3rd anniversary and they sound awesome!, but i can tell that they are lacking alot of bass but that's not a big issue. Although i do love the crispy highs and how great they sound...
  19. Poetic

    Hello, Does any1 know a good pair of IEM's for my Hisound Player.

    I like neutral sound signature something nice and smooth and beautiful clarity. Price range from 100$-200$. I was wondering if the hifiman he-262 wouid be my choice or maybe the audio technica?
  20. Poetic

    HRT music streamer II

    I recently just got the music streamer, and it sounds great! ive beenusing lots of flac and mp3 files with it. But i was wondering what sampling rates mean. when i click on the sampling rate on my computer it shows up as 24bit 44100hz. Everytime i switch it to 24bit 9600hz on the streamer...
  21. Poetic

    HRT Music Streamer II - TI PCM 1973 chip vs Zune HD- WM8352 chip

    Which one would be better for audio quality, Im planning on getting this today and hoping it will best my zune hd ^^. By the way im using the music streamer with the akg q701 and fiio e9.
  22. Poetic

    Sansa Clip + vs Zune HD

    Im looking to upgrade my Zune HD to a better sound quality DAP, I was looking at the Sansa Clip +. Do you think this would  be a better sound quality upgrade? I don't care for anything fancy like a 1080p screen or camera or any of that rubish. Im going to be using the Sansa Clip + with the Fiio...