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  1. doxaman

    Bowers & Wilkins P5 Mobile Headphones Review

    Well it's been years since I last replied, but about 2 months ago the Left Channel died! a few years ago I removed the cloth and most of the Gooey broken down adhesive and used them daily, I really enjoyed the Isolation they gave me at work, but now they are garbage! I don't know how to get...
  2. doxaman

    Bowers & Wilkins P5 Mobile Headphones Review

    I wonder if this was a First Batch problem, who knows, but for such a well crafted pair of Headphones and for the cost it is just terrible!  The glue on mine has not migrated to the outside of the earphones luckily but I have relegated these to my work when they get very little use during the...
  3. doxaman

    Westone Adventure Series - New Dynamic Driver for rugged activities: Impressions and Discussion

    I found the cable noise to be disappointing!  I wish the remote was located past the intersection of the Y because I use a bit of a twist tie to bring the cable together at the back of my head much like the slider on my UM2s.  I found the cable clip to be useless, but thanks to the twist tie...
  4. doxaman

    Bowers & Wilkins in-ear headphones = C5

    I'm having trouble with my replacement pair, I've managed to repair a tip as well, they are hard to remove and fragile.  I've pretty much given up on getting a comfortable fit with ANY of the stock tips, I've still got one pair of Complys left, the T400 size and the fit is improved.  I know when...
  5. doxaman

    Bowers & Wilkins in-ear headphones = C5

    Finally after 3 months of waiting I'm getting my replacement C5s!  Seems they were lost in transit after I shipped them to the Canadian Distributor, I waited and waited, finally e-mailed my original contact person and he sent out a new pair that afternoon! I missed the UPS today so they'll be...
  6. doxaman

    DACMagic Plus Impressions

    Got one today for a better price, so far I'm liking the sound USB and Toslink, haven't tried any of the USB 1 or 2 settings, I've mostly just used it for movies through my iMac!  Sounds great with my AKGs and Grados!
  7. doxaman

    DACMagic Plus Impressions

    I am very close to buying a DacMagic Plus!   Right now I'm using a combo of a Firestone basic DAC fubar going into my EC/SS and I mostly use K701s for comfort in long term listening!  I know that the EC/SS is setup to work best with Grados but I don't use them all the time! What I am hoping...
  8. doxaman

    Bowers & Wilkins in-ear headphones = C5

    I bought it from an Apple Store the day they first hit the shelves, I've still got the receipt, from late summer 2011!   I've contacted B&W, maybe I'll here back from them soon in the new year!
  9. doxaman

    Bowers & Wilkins in-ear headphones = C5

    Bad picture, old camera, but why would the metal part of the jack suddenly warp like that?
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  11. doxaman

    K701 mod for a guy with a big head?

    One thing you might try is to leave them on a stand or even hanging over a tall book for a while. I found that the rubber band "Relaxes" a bit over time, it still pulls the headband up when I remove them but it doesn't try to pull them up when I'm wearing them. Also the leather headband might...
  12. doxaman

    The Grado HF2--It's For Real

    I believe you can still order the MS1 with a choice of plug, some people wound up getting jacks that won't fit their iPods without an adapter But when I last ordered my MS1s, the site was clear enough on this. Now the annoying part... If I get these HF2s, I need to sell my MS1, AKG701s and...
  13. doxaman

    AKG Canada Dealings?

    I sent my K701s to this address for repair, it sounds similar: Soundcraft Canada 9629 Clement St Lasalle, PQ H8R 4B4 I originally asked on the AKG site, they forwarded my e-mail to Montreal and I got a reply the next day!
  14. doxaman

    K701 thread

    Quote: Originally Posted by hentai Hi doxaman, Mspro/rs1 is of another level but they don as spacious as k701. You are right, that's what makes DVDs sound so sweet, I can almost feel the sound coming from behind me when I've got the right movie. Saving Private Ryan is scary when...
  15. doxaman

    K701 thread

    I hadn't used mine since my MS-Pros arrived, but last weekend I thought I'd try them again since I know they would be more comfortable. Well it was not my lucky day since the left channel seems to have died!! I don't know whether it's blown or just disconnected but it's funny, you'd think if...
  16. doxaman

    How much will the tax cost if shipped from USA to CANADA?

    If I can make a suggestion: try this guy from Markham Ont. he has the SR80s for $129 Cdn. you will have to pay tax and shipping but it is within Canada. I bought my MSPros from him and service was great. Otherwise for customs you will have to pay GST & sales tax (if you're not in Alberta I...
  17. doxaman

    Shure E500/E530 Cable Poll

    For the first time in weeks I brought out mine, had a look and noticed that the insullation had pulled away from the right driver. Looking closer I noticed that it had also pulled away at the connector end!!. The driver end doesn't look too bad right now but the connector end has some stray...
  18. doxaman

    AKG K701 - What's your serial number

    2830 right here, or left actually!
  19. doxaman

    Ontario Meet - July 7th, 2007

    14 Days to go and I've already spent my budget on a pair of MS1s which made it here in less than a week. I should be getting a pair of iGrados on Monday! No I really need to sell my SR225s before I'm stuck in Bankruptcy court! I should be able to bring a DVD player (Denon maybe) as a source...
  20. doxaman

    Alessandro Music Series MS1 FAN CLUB!

    I ordered them last Thrusday and they made it to Canada, through Customs in 7 days! So Far I'm impressed, the new wider Head band is more comfortable then my SR80s and the comfies are completely different than the SR60s, more solid, I think these will be my everyday computer phones. I wanted...
  21. doxaman

    The ____ headphone bashing thread

    Quote: Originally Posted by nickchen The K81 headband is made from spring steel, thus unbreakable. Hope my original post wasn't too insulting. A little too rude for sure. I was only worried about the plastic around the steel, I've had bad experiences before, I'm kind'a clumsy...
  22. doxaman

    Orthodynamic Roundup

    Quote: Originally Posted by wualta Ah, congratulations. Always glad to keep interesting heaphones in the Head-Fi family. Having never seen a YHD in new condition, I don't have any advice except to say that one of the replacement earpads from, yes, Radio Shack, might work to tuck...
  23. doxaman

    First headphones after discovering Head-Fi

    Before I'd registered here I'd already moved through a few pairs, it all started out with Yamaha YHD2s, then a couple of portable Sennheisers (414 I think, then a step up, can't remember the number, blue foam) From there I had a pair of Sony cans (can't remember the number, the pleather...
  24. doxaman

    Top 5 worst things about IEM's

    I had a problem with an older pair of Sonys, (I can't think of the model number, MDR something or other, I got them off ebay) They silicone tips let in enough wind from the back that I would get that whistling sound you might encounter when a car window is open just a crack! Very annoying for 3...
  25. doxaman

    The Tomahawk appreciation thread.

    I finally got an ALO dock for my iPod and got it all hooked up to my E500s and the difference was incredible. Everything that has been said is true, the hiss is gone, there's lots of bass, the detail in some songs I've never ever heard before like the 70s pop tune "Horse with no name" by...