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  1. oldwine

    The Woo Audio 2

    They are both twin triodes, with the same pinout. Apart from that, they are very different: gm, mu, bias, so there's likely to be going a change in sound. Dunno what will sound better, but at first glance, I'd be careful putting a 6CG7 in a circuit optimized for E88CC. The operating point will...
  2. oldwine

    DNA Sonett 2

    interested in if any other custom upgrades (e.g. stepped attenuator, audio grade phone sockets ) are available, or it takes in consider by individual request??
  3. oldwine

    Review: Violectric V800 DAC

    Do anyone rolled the opamps in  V800?? it needs 10!!!! is it need to change ALL in the same time???
  4. oldwine

    Woo Audio Amp Owner Unite

    Quote: Can i have a look for your WA2??? it's because i really tried to do that but no ok due to limited space. Thx
  5. oldwine

    Woo Audio Amp Owner Unite

    Due to the limited space behind the volume control for WA2, stepped attenuator will have contact to tube socket and not possible to install.   It is my personal experience.   You may ask Jack of Woo to see is they will modify the circuit layout to adapt it     Quote:
  6. oldwine

    Woo Audio Amp Owner Unite

    May i know where do you find the EZ80 to 6x5 adapter????   i am also interested in trying it on my WA2      Quote:       wow.... 1500 pages!!! 
  7. oldwine

    Beyerdynamic Custom Ones! New Beyer headphones!

    It seems Beyer have launched it in Beijing, China yesterday (Fri.) Let me confirm it first.   Once it shows in public, the NDA will expire and i can post more pictures for reference.
  8. oldwine

    DNA Stratus 2A3 amplifier - first impressions

    Great work!! let's burn-in for about 100hrs and see any further improvements on it.
  9. oldwine

    Beyerdynamic Custom Ones! New Beyer headphones!

    The sound part posted, and will be updated more soon.
  10. oldwine

    Woo Audio Amp Owner Unite

    OH.....   I missed this gem!!! i also want to get this!   Quote:  
  11. oldwine

    New Audio-GD NFB-6 Balanced Amplifier

    I wonder those in/out anre packed so close, Do they have suct technologies to minize the noise/interference between them??
  12. oldwine

    Audio-gd NFB-10

    I use the same combo, but with WA2. i also interested how benifit from the balanced output of 10WM   Quote:  
  13. oldwine

    WDS-1 and WTP-1: The New D/A Converter and CD Transport from Woo Audio

    Any more angles for reference? also, will there any combo price for getting them together??
  14. oldwine

    Audio-gd NFB-10

    oh.... i just bought the 10WM and arrived my home this Mon.   $500 is really a bargain!! and the payout is more neat as well!!!!   i hope KingWa can mention any difference between 10SE and 10WM
  15. oldwine

    Woo Audio Amp Owner Unite

    I also heard a guy also got this case, but his one is WA2, Jack should remember it, he ordered the WA2 with the BlackGate Caps upgrade and the 7236, but when he opened the box, no 7236 included, he further opened the case and find all are in stock!!!   Jack admitted his fault that the order...
  16. oldwine

    Rudistor realeased a new flagship amp

    A Taiwan head-fier have posted its internal pictures, i wonder it seems a bit "simpler" than the 010... only 3 OPAMPs per channel   link:
  17. oldwine

    Schiit Audio Lyr: My First Impressions

    Jude: very professional review with detail ratings.   Also, i 'd like to know how it drive other headphones other than LCD2 /HE6, such as K501 (famous for difficult it well) and high impedance value ones.
  18. oldwine

    Schiit Lyr Shipping! Impressions?

    Dear all,   Love to know there is a powerful amp now. May i know do anyone using it to drive other phones like the K340, K501 (due to its difficulty to drive) and other 600 ohm phones like HD800, Beyer 880/600ohm, 990//600ohm. etc.
  19. oldwine

    Woo Audio Amp Owner Unite

    so do i, i have both Tung-Sol 5998 and 7236, both does no cause any hums.   However, when i use it with DT880, i prefer using 7236 more, as giving an overall balance in my system while 5998 is a bit sweet to me.
  20. oldwine

    Woo Audio Amp Owner Unite

    Thanks Jack!!! now we know how to explore the potential more!!!
  21. oldwine

    DNA Sonett Review

    Rdr. Seraphim,   great work and nice sharing!!!
  22. oldwine

    Woo Audio Amp Owner Unite

    Hi guys,   I have an interesting question. As WA22 have 2 types of headphone jacks (3-pin XLR, 4-pin XLR for balanced in, SE for RCA in), may i know can WA22 drive ALL at the SAME time?? esp. can the 3-pin and 4-pin.
  23. oldwine

    WA6SE or DNA Sonett for HD800 and some low impedance cans?

    Dear,   Half year ago, i have the same puzzle like yours, but i finally choose WA2. it is because Sonett need to wait until enough quantity to make (it is 5 at the time i asked) and it takes a month to build it. i also need to pay half as deposit once i make up my mind, where Woo just need...
  24. oldwine

    The Woo Audio 2

    lukaskite,   I also agree that the EZ80 will change the signature of WA2, i have changed the stock one to the RCA, which letting WA2 become more detail with dynamics.   I also want to know the performance of other brands as well, please post your thoughts!!