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  1. donpablo

    What are your favourite headphones for your OTL amp?

    Hello, I have two main amps currently, Flux Lab FA12 solid state, and SinusAudio OTL on OTL 6N13S and ECC82 (12AU7). They both nicely fullfill eachother. However I dont have higher impedance headphones that are most often suggested for OTL amps. Currently I mostly use Aeon 2C and AudioTechnica...
  2. donpablo

    Closed Back Headphones with Biggest Soundstage and Great Imaging

    Hello! I am on Head-Fi since quite of time so far however I have never created my own thread. I already have and have listened several HPs, most of them were openback. I am on the journey with find the perfect closed back for me, and probably found one with I can live as a happy audiophile...