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  1. kargi

    Pictures of Your Portable Rig [Part XIV]

    Dude buying a pair of ED8's is being rich, dare to wear them outside is being ultra rich :D I hope get a setup like that in future, for now every time I listen my hd650's I brush off lints,dusts and put it in to the box back again :P
  2. kargi

    How to clean the HD 555? check this out, non-invasive and fast.   DON'T EVER USE AIR CAN, don't even blow hard... Diaphragms are very delicate things.
  3. kargi

    Cowon D3 - We have contact...

    Yes, you can install apps (that was one the 4 videos, that are now private) But who cares? It hardly handles the UI, I don't think you can enjoy most of the apps. I am even suspicious about bit perfect output with this processor....
  4. kargi

    Cowon D3 - We have contact... it lasted just 3 minutes before locking down.
  5. kargi

    Cowon D3 - We have contact...

      Quote:   No that should be the PC CPU at least, you want to connect your d3. I think d3 processor should be better that because p3 was like 10 years ago.  
  6. kargi

    Cowon D3 - We have contact...

    All thing: even icons in the menu doesn't go up and down smoothly. It gets worst when watching a hd video (OK, I can tolerate that one but) menu shows up about after 1 sec. If we will able to watch 4 of these videos again, just look how many times he have to push to do something..
  7. kargi

    Cowon D3 - We have contact...

    Bad news fellas: it is SLUGGISH AS HELL, more like unusable: (most recent 4 videos). I was extremely excited in last a few days, even thought a preorder without reading reviews, now it is all gone, in seconds... this is sad. Maybe a huge firmware...
  8. kargi

    WASAPI - Overhyped?

    Quote: x3 Sorry to revive the thread, I needed to show my thanks to WASAPI. No more annoying glitches, for example with direct sound when I plugin or out the power cable of my laptop it glicthes, with WASAPI it doesn't, I have tested like 10 times in both case, scientific fact, but it is...
  9. kargi

    iBasso PB-2 Pelican fully balanced portable, DB-2 Dac . . HiFlight recommended op amps page 16. .

    Quote:   I am enjoying them well, they are awesome. Also they are cheaper and smaller. But if PB2 has a "silent" volume knob, I will be sad again because of my early buy :P
  10. kargi

    Cowon J3 Ringke Silicon or Noreve Leather

    I haven't seen the Noreve, but Ringke is AWESOME! Best silicon case I have ever seen. Just soft enough to put the j3 inside, once it is in, it feels like a hard case. Texture is great, not gripy. Buttons have tactile. Copyrighted marks (cowon,j3) and "brushed alu" part are also cool. In...
  11. kargi

    iBasso PB-2 Pelican fully balanced portable, DB-2 Dac . . HiFlight recommended op amps page 16. .

    I got my pb1&db1 one month ago... Do they make a special offer when we return them
  12. kargi

    iBasso Boomslang DB-1 & DB-2 and Toucan balanced portable dac and amp . pg 1, 19 , 25, 26 . . . .

    Quote: Will you use ue 10 with balanced cable? I have no idea, but I suppose it is important for the answer.
  13. kargi

    Rank the Headphones that You Own.

    1.sennheiser ie8 2.sennheiser rs180     3.shure e2c (before cables destroyed themselves) 4.sennheiser px100-II 5.sennheiser px100 6.sennheiser mx760 7.sennheiser cx300 yes, i love sennheiser sound.
  14. kargi

    Is this a bad product idea?

    A DAP without a DAC inside so no analog outputs. Only coaxial, optical and maybe mini usb outputs. I mean many people have portable dac/amps today right? They are using 7 year old players... I imagine it also with a small low power consuming screen (like sansa clip) and relatively big lipo...
  15. kargi

    iBasso Boomslang DB-1 & DB-2 and Toucan balanced portable dac and amp . pg 1, 19 , 25, 26 . . . .

    But will there be less artifact? I mean one less single ended connection thanks qusp.
  16. kargi

    FLAC vs Apple Lossless: Is There a Difference?

    Man that is cool! Hearing even what is signed. I am downloading audacity, see for myself. But you can upload them to upload sites like or for other folks. thanks for the good idea.
  17. kargi

    Never forget your first...

    the original cx300 :), but I can't forget e2c (but cables were nightmares).  
  18. kargi

    Sennheiser CX55 on dealextreme

    I love dealextreme (cheap lasers, flashlights, screen protectors,batteries...), but find me 10 genuine products from their site!? The whole point of dealextreme is cheap but risky products, and why would they bother sell the original if they have the almost "original". Just don't be hopeful...
  19. kargi

    PX 100 damage?

    They have changed them immediately Sennheiser rocks. flaming_june my old px100 had crackings too. But not in first 2 weeks, after a year or so. They were good headphones too.
  20. kargi

    PX 100 damage?

    Hi fellas. I recently got a PX100 II, and I was very pleased with them, but today, I realized left ear is damaged. I mean it sounds cracky, in a few tracks, especialy in low frequencies. I check the tracks with my other headphones, no cracking. Can this cracking be temporary, can it heal itself...
  21. kargi

    Downgrading from Sennheiser HD 485 to 238 or PX 100

    Quote: Originally Posted by s0mnambulist It does look like a sturdier build and I definitely prefer the one-sided cable, but I really hate the in-line volume control. Silly I know, but for some reason I can't stand a cable to have anything built into it. Throws off my balance or...
  22. kargi

    What non-IEM portable do you recommend

    You mean the volume of the II? It is almost same as the original. Same mechanism, just the headband is a little bit beefier. It comes with a nice soft bag. I havent heard the UF30.
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