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  2. MineTwine45

    Replacing my Logitech G930 headset

      I don't use my G230's for FPS gaming, my computer isn't good enough to handle those kind of games. I mostly play Minecraft and the occasional Audiosurf. When I play my PS3, I use an adapter and use the HD 518s. No question that 7.1 surround is better, but for my needs I just don't need to pay...
  3. MineTwine45

    Need suggestion for best in-ear headphones under 50$

    I loved my Sony MDR-XB30EXs, they were really bass heavy. They do have a tangle-free cord, look super killer (burnt red looks really good in person), and the bass was incredible. It was almost overwhelming at times, but at lower volumes it really pleased my ears. The isolation is also very good...
  4. MineTwine45

    Replacing my Logitech G930 headset

    I own the HD 518s, they are amazing for gaming, but the only downfall is that it does not have a microphone. I currently own the G230 headset (new gaming line) and so far I enjoy it. Unlike other headsets, is actually sounds pretty darn good with music, and the microphone has good quality from...
  5. MineTwine45

    Why the Beats Hate?

      Maybe you can tape the cable to the headband, then conceal it with some added padding (like the 201's padding for example). Could work, but I'm not sure how you'll do it with how the earcups are mounted to the headband.
  6. MineTwine45

    Sennheiser's Own Balanced Cables for HD 600/650, HD 700, and HD 800 Available This Week

    This may sound like the dumbest question ever asked, but what do balanced cables do exactly? (I'm a noob at all this high-end audio stuff right now)
  7. MineTwine45

    New 'Round These Parts

    Thank you thank you!
  8. MineTwine45

    Why the Beats Hate?

      The 500s did have more bass, but I thought the sound quality was much clearer and less muddy, as you stated.
  9. MineTwine45

    Sennheiser HD518 HD558 HD598 HD559 HD589 HD579 HD599 Support Thread

    My first pair of audiophile headphones were the HD 518s. Good sounding to my ears, clearest things I have heard to my noob ears (I haven't heard anything more audiophile, I know anything higher tier than these will blow them out of the water). They really got the audiophile bug into me, and...
  10. MineTwine45

    Why the Beats Hate?

    Beats... Heh... See too many of those things. When I first heard the Studios and Solos, they just were absolutely terrible. I loved the way the XB500s sounded over the Beats, so I got the 500s instead.
  11. MineTwine45

    Electronic Music Exchange (House, DnB, Dubstep, etc.)

    I've been an avid hardstyle listener for quite some time. I was first introduced to techno, then found hardstyle somewhere along the way. Can't remember how, but I do remember it was early to late 2009. I also enjoy trance for those quiet times to just unwind, but when I need some energy, I...
  12. MineTwine45

    New 'Round These Parts

    Why hello everyone here on HeadFi! This is my first shot at an audio forum, so let's hope I can get quite acclimated! I don't own all that much equipment currently, but I hope to expand soon and hopefully pick up a few things as the prices drop for the holiday season. I know the basics of audio...
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