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  1. SamHeadFi

    WOO-HOOOO... WA7 "fireflies"!!!

    Buying this for my WA7, will compare to with it plugged into this, my standard surge protection, and the wall (I'm wary about the wall since the power source/building is very very old)  ...
  2. SamHeadFi


    Guess the westone 4 deal isnt' happening? Damn i held off on buying the westone 3 b/c of it. Was hoping for that an the Fiio 17 but guess not =/
  3. SamHeadFi

    WOO-HOOOO... WA7 "fireflies"!!!

    Any thoughts on this with the HiFiMan he 500's?
  4. SamHeadFi

    WOO-HOOOO... WA7 "fireflies"!!!

    Using a Beyerdynamic T1, have ultrasone 2900 and audio technica m50 but i might get rid of them and add a hifiman he500 or hd800 down the line
  5. SamHeadFi

    Audio setup with Beyerdynamic T1 for various games/listening/pc use

    Just purchased a Beyerdynamic T1, and looking to add an AMP to compliment it. I'm currently using an Asus G series gaming laptop, getting a Macbook Pro, a Windows 8 Laptop, and eventually another desktop that I'm going to build. I play a lot of FPS, Moba, and I listen to mostly classical music...
  6. SamHeadFi

    2000-3000 budget for mid-century looking Audio Setup

    Budget: 2000-3000 Do I also need a sound-card? I play a lot of video games (first person shooters) I get a sound card just for that? Or should I use whatever I'm using for music-listening purposes? Soundstage/positional cues matter. Obviously look doesn't matter for this since it will...
  7. SamHeadFi

    Laptop audio recommendations

    ah hmm well I will use this week to see how my IEM's perform with gaming and then make a decision. If they are fine i'll go for amp if it's indistinguishable I'll go for sound card/creative usb   Quote:  
  8. SamHeadFi

    Laptop audio recommendations

    Ah so there are no gaming friendly DAC's? I wanted music for when i travel (500-1000 miles any given week) and gaming performance for everything else (10-30 hrs a week, depending on how busy i am), which ends up at around 50/50.   Quote:  
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