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  1. ekko

    Beginner looking for a great pair of "all-around" headphones (max budget 500$~)

    hd25 durability, portability, great isolation, even greater sound... they might get slightly uncomfortable, but while i am doing some production i can wear them for 1,5-2h without problem, and I can DJ with them like forever...
  2. ekko

    Ultrasone Signature DJ

    For DJing I think there is no better thing than HD25s... 
  3. ekko

    New AKG Headphones "By Tiësto"

    They look really sexy that's for sure, but maybe one thing that is not like on the spot with the look are those spots on the outer side of headband, but thats just my personal opinion and liking. It's really hard to resist those K67 since I got HD25-1 II few days ago, and all I need is more...
  4. ekko

    The Hassle-Free Headphone Recommendation Thread: Cans that sound great without amping, modding, or burn-in.

    Hd25-1 II, it could go with amp, but I use it without it when listening on my iPhone... While doing some production I plug it into Focusrite Saffire 6... No need for any modification. (well maybe cable but I think it is not that necessary)
  5. ekko

    Should I buy these HD25s used?

    I was already planing to buy them brand new, but since I've seen these I think I'll go for them! I know what I am buying and what I want, and I will buy FiiO E11 for amplification. No I am not in The States... 
  6. ekko

    Should I buy these HD25s used?

    So I found used HD25-1 II for 125e, like new, old few days, I think price is pretty good, and on the picture they look pretty original and real. What do you think, I think it is great oportunity.                  
  7. ekko

    Looking for a decent closed headphone for around 200 bucks

    HD25-1 ii do the job for me :)
  8. ekko

    Koss Pro DJ 100 - The Budget King

  9. ekko

    Koss Pro DJ 100 - The Budget King

    I am really impressed with the reviews that this headphones get! Is it possible for 50-70$ headphones to be THAT good?! I know that good headphones cost money, and I think it can be really worth it... So I was dreaming about Senns HD25, and they are like 200$... Now when I got enough money to...
  10. ekko

    Want to buy new mid-range headphones, need help!

    Well I will mainly use them for listening music on my PC, HTC 8S, and Onkyo system. I would ocasionaly use them for DJing when I go to the friends place and play some music or some party and stuff like that. And se minor home production in Logic and Ableton. I want comfy headphones that have...
  11. ekko

    Want to buy new mid-range headphones, need help!

    So I want to buy new sub-130$ headphones... There are ton of choices in that category so I will write down few that look cool, but I want someone to give me advice which one would be best. :)  Koss ProDJ200 AudioTechnica ATH-M50 Ultrasone Pro 550 V-Moda Crossfade LP I would take FiiO E6...
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