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  1. velvetx

    Fiio x5, iBasso DX90, AK Jr

    So many choices of DAPs the market is just super competitive.  I am probably going to get something from the Aurisonic Bravo Series.  The question now comes to which DAP do I buy.  Do I get the Fiio X5, iBasso DX90, or the AK Jr?  Or maybe just wait for the Fiio X7.   I am at wits end I need...
  2. velvetx

    Pure Trance - All Day Everyday

    I wanted to start a thread for people who are into trance (I know you are out there).  I have been listening to trance since 2000 and have been enjoying it non-stop for years.  I am always looking for new artists to listen to and would love to start an ongoing thread related to trance music.  ...