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  1. SamHeadFi

    Finalizing Audio setup

    Just got a new macbook pro! Also have the Beyerdynamic T1's and the Woo Audio WA7's.   Adding: Tripp link or furman PST 8D, USB isolator, HDMI cable from Audioquest....   anything else I should add? Not looking to spend much more than 200-300 on the other peripherals (including what I listed...
  2. SamHeadFi

    Speaker recommendations

    I have wires/cables so I'm looking to set up speakers in a cafe (approximately 2500 sq feet) and I'm wondering what my options are. We're on a limited budget so under 1,000 is nice, 500 is great/ideal...? My friend was suggesting many mini speakers and I was thinking 2 or 3 larger ones, which...
  3. SamHeadFi

    Laptop audio recommendations

    Hello! First post here so apologies if I say something stupid.   Just purchased a laptop (ASUS g74sx-xn1) and I've been told the audio quality is quite poor. I also purchased the Klipsch Image X10 and Triple Fi 10's for Black Friday from Amazon, and was wondering if I could use one of those...