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    need pcb for battery charging

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone here has a pcb that I can use to charge 2 nimh d cells conected in series. The cells are supplying around 2.4-2.7 volts to the heater filaments of a tube output stage. Current draw of the filaments is around 220ma. What I would like is something I can adjust...
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    mg head

    Hi, I'm new to this so please forgive, I have read about 2 versions of the mh head amp, dt and otl. Which is better? Also does anyone know where I could get one? I live in the UK and would need a UK mains version if possible. Thanks Raja
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    tube diy kits

    Hi, any ideas of good tube diy headphone amp kits? I'm looking for a really musical amp, not too bright but really listenable, silky highs and mids and muscial bass, if such an amp exists! However not too expensive ie anything in the £200-£300 range? Thanks Raja