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  1. Bodhi01

    3-way shootout; Focal Clear vs Hifiman Arya vs Focal Stellia

    I went into Addicated to Audio yesterday and auditioned some headphones. TBH I was debating whether to sell my SP1000 Copper dac while it's still new/sealed & just buy a portable dac/headphone amp to use with my Iphone, reasoning that I might be able to get better bang for the buck that way. But...
  2. Bodhi01

    Need recommendations for efficient cans to pair with an A&K SP1000 Copper

    Hi folks, I'm looking for recommedations for a pair of cans I can run off my SP1000. In terms of use, It would be for headphone sessions at home, going away on holiday & train trips. As i'd like to take them away on holiday, a relatively compact semi-hard or hard case would be useful, and good...
  3. Bodhi01

    Campfire Audio Andromeda's + A&K AK300 portable rig

    Hi folks, after a fair bit of research & auditioning, I decided on a high end setup for 'on the go' listening. I was after a number of things which seem mutually exclusive; I was looking for excellent value for money, excellent build quality & on the DAP side, a user friendly interface...
  4. Bodhi01

    Advice needed to setup a portable head-fi rig

    Hi folks,   I am setting up an rig for 'on the go' listening based around my Iphone 6 playing lossless Alac files. I'm pretty much settled on using an Oppo HA-2 due to it's slim size, features & good dac, but am open to other suggestions. FiiO?   I'm also looking for some good IEM's. I live...
  5. Bodhi01

    Magico S5 Mk2 speakers on the way!

    Hi folks,   Although this forum is mostly for high end headphone rigs, I thought i'd share with members that I have a pair of the new Magico S5 Mk2 speakers on the way in beautiful gloss Titanium finish. My pair are due to ship some time in March, so can't wait!   I previously owned a pair of S5...
  6. Bodhi01

    Kennerton Algiz IEM's

    This company seems to be a relatively new player in the high end headphone market. I'm curious about the top-line Algiz earphones. Does anyone have any direct experience with Kennerton products, particularly their IEM's? Cheers.