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  1. Astropin


    My #1 Hobby (At the moment....and last couple of years)     So in this pic we have 1992 Williams Getaway (HS2), 1993 Williams Star Trek The Next Generation, 1994 Bally World Cup and 1995 Williams Johnny Mnemonic.    Actually this pic is a little out of date. The Johnny Mnemonic (far...
  2. Astropin

    Got my SE-XB1's Today...Whooo Hooo!

    For those who don't know these are the X-box version of the Pioneer DIR1000C Wireless, Dolby Digital, DTS, and Pro-Logic II headphones. I must say they simply Blow Away my last pair of wireless cans (the AR AW-791 900Mhz, which sucked). The Pioneer's have NO back ground noise! One thing that...