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  1. peck1234

    J River sounds Much more Dynamic Than Foobar?

    I'm using the same settings in both programs. WASAPI Push. Bitmatched 16bit playback all lossless files. J River is much more dynamic sounding?  Any one else have the same experiences?       
  2. peck1234

    Creative Sound Blaster Recon3D 1st Impressions and Questions!   This sound card has a headphone out that is amped, and your usual line outs.  If im going to hook this up to a speaker amp via 3.5mm to RCA cable's should I used the amped output or line out? (green jack)  (obviously the...
  3. peck1234

    Question about headphone/speakers (SoundBlaster)

    Recently purchased a new sound card   I usually run an aux cable from my soundcard to my HI-FI AX-497 receiver and then use the 1/4th jack on the reciever to the m50s.  But now since the soundblaster has a build in amp bypassing...
  4. peck1234

    Maverick Audio TubeMagic D2 DAC?????

    Any info of this dac and how it sounds?  Ive been browsing the forums and cant find much on it? 
  5. peck1234

    ALC269 VS ALC888

    Which realtek should sound better?    (Stereo Mode)
  6. peck1234

    What Sample Rate Should I choose?

    99% Of my Music is 16bit and 44.1 Lossless Files.   Will setting my soundcard. (soon to come Asus Xonar ST)  to a higher sample rate be detrimental to the audio?   Is is best to "match" the sample rate with the source?
  7. peck1234

    Headphone DAC vs My receiver?

    Currently using my AX-497 for my headphone DAC.  Would I benifit form a dediacted headphone amp? How much power does my receiver put out at say     @ 30 Ohm  @ 120 Ohm @ 300 Ohm  @ 600 Ohm     Here's the spec of my receiver, I don't know if I reading this correctly, but...
  8. peck1234

    Whats the maximum ohm headphones my AX-497 receiver can power???

    Honestly I know nothing about headphones when it comes to power input output.  Here's the specs on my AX-497.  
  9. peck1234

    Speaker/AMP for computer? Help a noob out.

    Just bought a pair of these from newegg.   I plan on running a 3.5mm jack from my sound card that splits into your basic R/W Stereo Jacks.     I currently using as my AMP and wondering if I should...