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    Sennheiser 800 S - Need Dac , AMP or Dac+AMP (GAMING) $1000

    Hey everyone, I've decided, to purchase the 800 S. Could you help me with a set up for these, going to be mainly used for competitive gaming thanks! Budget: $1000.
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    Going to purchase the GSX1000. Now looking for headphones to pair with. Budget $800

    Going to be using strictly for gaming, nothing else. Looking for a great imaging and sound stage for pinpointing enemies. Thanks a bunch, in advance.
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    Need help with new PC audio gaming setup budget is $1,000-$1,500

    So with doing a little more research... AKG Q701 Imaging 9.1\7.5 Soundstage. HiFiMan Sundara 9.0/7.7. Audeze LCD2-Classic 9.0/8.1... Would ultimately be the best choices for gaming?