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  1. onyxwulf

    Help with picking Headphone Amp for my home.

    I am not an audiophile, just started dabbling with all this higher end stuff recently and have posted a couple other threads here.  I am just starting to learn about all the things associated with power headphones and the what not.  I don't understand a lot yet but I am learning fast.   I just...
  2. onyxwulf

    Topping TP-32EX Headphone Amp and Pioneer SC-91 Help

    I cannot find any threads (and I have looked) that have helped me figure out how to connect my Topping TP-32EX to my Pioneer Elite SC-91.    I have tried every connection and every possible output I could to try to get this to work.  I called Pioneer and they didn't help me at all.  I want a...