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    alternatives to Beyerdynamic DT250s

    Recently bought a pair of the 80 ohm version. Terrifically comfortable, but they suffered from egregious channel imbalance, with the left driver nearly twice as loud as the right at some frequencies, so they'll have to go back.   Reluctant to go with another pair of the same once I get...
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    music: art or entertainment

    Quote: Originally Posted by falang Art - Listening to Broken Social Scene. lol. Regarding the topic: As many users have already pointed out, the topic poses a false dichotomy. It would be foolish to state that music isn't a form of entertainment when many of us get so much...
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    Music: Your First Love

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    Can't listen to Godspeed You! Black Emperor on a beautiful summer day

    I don't find Godspeed depressing or wintery at all. Maybe the opening quarter of f#a# is a little heavy, but I think Lift Your Skinny Fists is quite an uplifting album.
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    Husker Du made the rest of my music sound boring. :(

    Yeah. I finally got Zen Arcade, only 22 years late, and it's good, you know. I'm pretty sure I've seen some Husker Du fans around here, so lets discuss. Just insane pacing, and I love the experimental interludes. What album should I purchase next? And on a completely unrelated note, since...
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    Stars - Set Yourself on Fire

    I like Set Yourself On FIre better than Heart, but they're both pretty close in terms of quality. Nice indie pop that doesn't get tired as quickly as many of the other artists in the genre. You've probably heard Architecture in Helsinki, Camera Obscura, Broken Social Scene, Feist... but if you...
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    eargasm warning

    Kid A is by far the best Radiohead album. The Bends and Pablo Honey struck me as generic rock, and I found OK Computer long and boring. Amnesiac is weaker musically and thematically than Kid A, and I haven't heard Hail To The Thief yet, but I probably won't anytime soon.
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    best band names

    upcdowncleftcrightcabc+START wins this topic.
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    Headphones for post-rock?

    65daysofstatic A Silver Mt. Zion Bathyscaphe Detwiije Efterklang El Ten Eleven The Evpatoria Report Explosions in the Sky Foxhole Friends of Dean Martinez God is an Astronaut Library Tapes The Mercury Program Mono Neil on Impression People for Audio Port-Royale Season Slint...
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    Headphones for post-rock?

    I'm looking to upgrade from my Grado SR-60s, because although I've enjoyed them immensely, they're starting to look worse for the wear, and I'm ready to move up the headphone ladder for my next purchase. I'd be real grateful about any advice you experts could offer me. My favourite musical...
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    List 5 Must Hear Tracks for the Cans

    Boards of Canada > Music Has The Right To Children > 1998 > Turquoise Hexagon Sun Circulatory System > s/t > 2002 > Inside Blasts The Evpatoria Report > s/t > 2003 > Voshkod Project A Silver Mt. Zion > He Has Left Us Alone, But Shafts Of Light Still Grace The Corner Of Our Rooms > 2000 > 13...
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    TES 4: Oblivion

    Quote: Originally Posted by catscratch Skill advancement through repetition is a really dumb idea, since to advance your skills you'll basically have to stand there spamming whatever ability you are using over and over and over... Does anyone remember the game Dungeon Master? I...
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    Favorite album in middle school?

    Pixies' Doolittle.
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    Gamers: X-Fi worth it?

    X-Fi is currently the only soundcard along with the Audigy 4s that has any support for OpenAL. Check whether the games you play use OpenAL, and if they do, X-Fi is most definately worth it purely for the OpenAL, but you also get good SQ and EAX too. That said, I hate the way Creative has...
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    The Weakest Link: OK Computer - Round 1

    This is a daft topic. Taking any track out would not only make you get less for your money when you hand over the cash to get the disc, but also dilute the original vision of the artist. If it really bothers you, you can just remove Fitter Happier from your playlist, you know?
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    What Are You Listening To Right Now? [#4]

    np: 65daysofstatic - "65 Doesn't Understand You"
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    Headphones have me forgetting the music....

    I have also noticed that the highs are on the left.
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    Foobar 0.9 out!

    Back to good old v0.83 FLAC/ASIO, and life is good.