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  1. kerelybonto

    Nine Inch Nails new album out

    Downloaded this last night at four in the morning after reading this thread. Have only listened to about half of it so far, but I'm liking it a lot. This is definitely the sort of thing that Reznor does best. A great deal, too, at five bucks for a lossless download.
  2. kerelybonto

    Classical recommendations please...

    Agree about the Frenchies in general and Debussy in particular. Maybe try some of Chopin's piano music if you're not looking for orchestral. His nocturnes, maybe. Tchaikovsky's ballets might work. But maybe too much drama at times. Actually all of these might have too much pathos at times if...
  3. kerelybonto

    Muddy Waters low bitrate?

    I only have one Muddy Waters album, At Newport 1960. Encoded as ALAC, the first nine tracks have a typical bit-rate, from about 800 to 1100kbps. The last four tracks, however, are at about half that. The Get Info window shows them as being stereo, but they sound mono. (The first nine tracks have...
  4. kerelybonto

    iMac v. MacBook for audio?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Tarkovsky I have both and I say go with the iMac. Recording is one of the most RAM intensive things you can do. So go big! RAM will be your bottleneck, not CPU. I just want to point out that both the MacBook and iMac support up to 4GB of RAM. This has...
  5. kerelybonto

    DG opens online store for DRM-less downloads

    Sure, Rlynn, it seems more convenient to you right now, but soon it probably won't. There are already easy, fairly cheap ways to do this, though, yes, you do need a computer in your listening room. (Actually, that's not strictly true.) But you don't have to run any cable -- today's wireless...
  6. kerelybonto

    DG opens online store for DRM-less downloads

    Deutsche Grammophon has opened a new online store offering 320kbps, DRM-less MP3s for download. Tracks start at $1.29, or the same number of euro for customers in most locations other than America (although it looks like you can choose your country, so perhaps everyone can benefit from the weak...
  7. kerelybonto

    What's your favorite Live recordings?

    Possibly my favorite live album, Friday Night in San Francisco is great for the crowd interaction. I always start laughing right along with the audience when the players start to sneak in Mancini's theme from The Pink Panther. And there's that guy going "McLaughlin!" who you know is always going...
  8. kerelybonto

    Bidding Adieu to Adu

    Living in DC, I've got to watch Freddy play for United numerous time. He didn't get a whole lot of minutes, really, but there are some moments to remember. I'll be interested in seeing how he does in Europe. The level of competition in MLS is not consistently very high, and Adu's never played...
  9. kerelybonto

    2nd Film Great Dies This Week - Michelangelo Antonioni

    I remember the first time I happened across L'avventura, on television, and the engrossing intellectual bewilderment, but also visceral understanding and identification, it roused in me. (I think it was much like the feeling I had after seeing David Lynch's Mullholand Dr. for the first time, but...
  10. kerelybonto

    What does the word "pop" mean to you?

    Quote: Originally Posted by s m @ 3. This is what I'd call the 'old English guy' definition. Many may be unfamiliar with it, but I can assure you it exists within a certain segment of the population. This defines 'Pop Music' as anything that is not Classical, Jazz, or ethnic music. The...
  11. kerelybonto

    Black Snake Moan

    I've not seen the movie, and don't know Son House's music. But if you want "raw, old blues," you should listen to some tunes by Muddy Waters or John Lee Hooker, two of the great post-war blues guitarists. (I tend to like guitar-driven blues, rather than the more vocal-driven style of B.B. King...
  12. kerelybonto

    How to acquire a British accent?

    If you're going to try to develop a British accent, pick the right one. Many British regional accents are quite difficult for people from elsewhere to understand. Stick with the Received Pronunciation (aka Standard English aka the Queen's English aka BBC English) or perhaps the Edinburgh accent...
  13. kerelybonto

    Borders Coupon: 40% off audio and video box sets

    Quote: 40% Off the List Price of Any One Music Box Set Consisting of a 3 or More CD/DVD Combination in One Package ... discount offer valid with Borders Rewards membership only. Excludes previous and online purchases, and audiobooks. ... Valid in U.S. stores 6/15/07 only. This means...
  14. kerelybonto

    Show your Ignorance! What songs did you NOT know were covers?

    This site has a list of the "100 greatest" cover songs. I don't agree with many of their "greatest" selections, but there were a few that I didn't know where covers. Especially:"Blinded by the Light," by Manfred Mann's Earth Band, originally by Bruce Springsteen "Alabama Song (Whiskey Bar)," by...
  15. kerelybonto

    Anyone interested in going to the Washington National Opera tomorrow night

    Very generous of you, scompton. If I could make it, I'd certainly take the ticket. Here's a link to the WNO's page on the performance. Someone take the ticket! Eric
  16. kerelybonto

    Whatever happened to: "Your Welcome?"

    Quote: Originally Posted by Superpredator You may or may not have noticed my use of quotation marks, but here it was meant to indicate that I was quoting a source. I noticed the quote marks, but did not take the phrase for a quotation. One usually mentions the source (or, on the...
  17. kerelybonto

    Whatever happened to: "Your Welcome?"

    Quote: Originally Posted by Superpredator ... the "everyone is entitled to their own opinion" fallacy ... It would do credit to your stewardship of our language to know that "everyone" is singular and therefore is (or isn't, as the case may be) entitled to "his own opinion" or...
  18. kerelybonto

    Shostakovich Symphonies

    The settlement is for the class action brought way back when having to do with hidden charges, e.g., for shipping, on CDs bought from the BMG Music Service, or whatever the catalog and online "music club" is called. I didn't know anything about it, but they sent me an email a couple months ago...
  19. kerelybonto

    Shostakovich Symphonies

    Anyone want to take a look for me through the selection of Shostakovich's works available at (also note the two subsequent pages) and tell me whether there are any recordings that are worth having? As part of the BMG settlement, I think I can get any of them for $3.80 shipped...
  20. kerelybonto

    Which Shostakovich Symphony first?

    This is turning into the second take of the Shostakovich Symphonies thread. I suggest we take our discussion there so we don't have two parallel topics. I need to spend some more time with these pieces and try to form some sort of coherent idea of DSCH's work as a whole. Eric
  21. kerelybonto

    Obscure bands

    Quote: Originally Posted by Masonjar Well, what exactly were you doing? Not a thing. Quote: Originally Posted by Ingo If you liked 'The Refreshments' you should check out Roger Clyne's stuff (if you haven't already). It's a little more country oriented, but I think...
  22. kerelybonto

    Obscure bands

    As one of their few loyal American fans, I was a bit miffed when the hopped-up lead singer of the Fun Lovin' Criminals berated me from the stage and had the bouncers chuck me out of a show in Budapest a couple of years ago. I mean, I have all their albums on MiniDisc -- did I deserve that? I...
  23. kerelybonto

    Joshua Bell Underground

    Besides the thread Jahn noted above, there's also this one about this article. Quote: Originally Posted by Bunnyears Well, what else can you expect in DC? The place is run by a bunch of political idiots (either party) who habitually shortchange culture. Let's not make this...
  24. kerelybonto

    How we can live like this?

    The full article is on the Post's website, here. Some interesting ideas in the article, but it's kind of all over the place. ... Eric
  25. kerelybonto

    My DVD Collection

    Mon dieu, only one Bergman! Right quick, get Through a Glass Darkly, Winter Light, The Silence, The Virgin Spring, and The Seventh Seal; the first three are available together as set from Criterion, which also publishes the latter two individually. You're also missing a lot of the other...